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Monsieur Le Maire in 1997.

Monsieur Le Maire, also known as Jean Valjean, is a human from France, and the protagonist of Les Misérables. [1]


The basic events and figures involved in Valjean's life as described in the novel also happened in the Gargoyles Universe. [2][3] [4]

In 1997, Monsieur Le Maire contacted the Director over the telephone to discuss the Redemption Squad that the Director had assembled. Representing the White Council, he expressed concern that the hiring of the Squad was against their organization's usual methods, but reassured the Director that he was not ordering the Squad to disband. Months later in Bermuda, he asked Shahrizad to share details from her latest assignment to infiltrate the Illuminati. Enthralled from her tale, he was ambushed by Thailog and Brentwood in their efforts to steal the Hand of Valmont from Prospero's iron vault. ("Losers", "Quo Vadis Cum Hoc?")


Le Maire is capable of super-human strength, as demonstrated when he confronted Thailog, which surprised the gargoyle. Le Maire speaks French (note that the Redemption Squad is based in Paris).


Real World Background

As with Les Misérables, the name "Monsieur Le Maire" was also used by the protagonist Jean Valjean. The name is French for "Mr. Mayor".

Production Background

In 2003, Greg Weisman shared that while he didn't "have a specific story in mind for ol' Jean", he did work out how he wanted to interpret the character. [5]

Twenty-one years later, while promoting Gargoyles: Quest, Weisman teased the character would make an appearance. [6]

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