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The Mayan Sun Amulet is a magical talisman that was created at the end of the 10th Century by a powerful human wizard. The wizard created the Amulet to ensure that the Mayan people and "The Green" would have gargoyle protection at all times of the night and day. It powers four pendents which, when worn by a gargoyle, prevent the wearer from turning to stone each morning.

The Amulet was created using four precious stones (sapphire, obsidian, turquoise and jade) and is shaped into a golden sun. Each of the magical pendents it powers is made of one of the four stones and by this the gargoyle keepers receive their names. The Amulet had been in the possession of the Mayan Clan for many centuries, but in 1993 a group of poachers raided their pyramid home and stole the Amulet. The Clan knew it was still intact since the pendents continued to function, but they had no idea of its whereabouts.

The Amulet somehow wound up on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Hyena attempted to destroy the Amulet in 1996, but was stopped by Lexington and Broadway. (more...)