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Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the 31st day of October of each year in which observers dress up and costume parties are held. The Manhattan Clan has used the holiday as an opportunity to venture among the human citizens of New York without fear of scaring or being attacked by the humans who assume the gargoyles are merely in costume.

Halloween, 1995 was the first time that the Manhattan Clan celebrated the holiday. They attended a block party where the Trio were complimented on their "costume over a costume" look. Meanwhile, Goliath and Elisa were able to stroll down the street and dance together unmolested. In 1996, David Xanatos hosted a Masque party on Halloween at the Eyrie Building which was attended by many noteworthy citizens of Manhattan including Doctor Sato, Morgan Morgan, Judge Roebling, Brendan Quarters, and Margot Yale as well as most of the Manhattan Clan, Delilah and Elisa Maza.

Unfortunately, Halloween has often been a time of conflict and adversity for the Clan. In 1995, they had to battle the werefox that was causing havoc in the city which turned out to be be Fox magically altered by the Eye of Odin. In 1996, Thailog arrived at the Eyrie Building with his clones and brutally attacked Goliath. (more...)