Hand of Valmont

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The Hand of Valmont in 1997
The Hand of Valmont being... created... in 997
A thousand years from now, she'll be willing to give up 1% of her Nightstone Unlimited shares to get this thing back.

The Hand of Valmont is a mystical artifact that Demona was keen to acquire in her quest to locate the new Three Keys to Power. In July 1997, she offered to sell a controlling interest of Nightstone Unlimited to Thailog in exchange for using his connections with the Illuminati to obtain it. It's connection to Brother Valmont from the 10th Century has yet to be fully explained. ("Questions")


Gargoyles Meets the Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Young Justice

The Manhattan Clan gathered at the Eyrie Building to discuss a mystical artifact known as the Hand of Valmont. Brooklyn shares that after Brother Valmont's hand was cut off during the Battle of Rathveramoen, it absorbed magical energies from the Grimorum Arcanorum he was holding. It was later passed down and preserved by his followers. The police evidently believed that it was in danger of being stolen from the Museum of Natural History and, in fact, not long after, Jackal and Hyena arrived at the museum with that very intent. While the two were ultimately thwarted, Vandal Savage met with Black Cat, who did successfully steal the Hand of Valmont while authorities were preoccupied taking the would-be thieves into custody. ("Recruits")