Quo Vadis Cum Hoc?

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Gargoyles: Quest #2 by Clayton Crain

"Quo Vadis Cum Hoc?" is the second issue of the Quest comic arc and the fourteenth Gargoyles comic by Dynamite Entertainment. It was released on May 15th 2024. [1]


The horrible Quest continues. The Manhattan Clan begins to see Demona's plan unfold, and the desperation to stop her from succeeding grows stronger...

The Story


The most exciting moment of this issue for this reviewer was the introduction of Prospero into Gargoyles. A series that had included the witches from Macbeth and the fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream had to bring in The Tempest at some point – and now it happens. Not only do we encounter Prospero (living in modern times, and gone back to being a wizard), but we even get a mention of Ariel and Caliban (both called back to Avalon for the Gathering; they were evidently both members of the Third Race), to confirm that this is *the* Prospero rather than a namesake (as in John Bellairs' The Face in the Frost). We also learn that he is apparently part of the same organization as the Director and Monsieur Le Maire in Bad Guys – and that Shahrizad is also part of that group, infiltrating the Illuminati. Though Shahrizad is apparently playing a triple game, working with Thailog to steal the Hand of Valmont from their group (called the White Council – fittingly, Prospero's hair and beard look very "Gandalf-ish" – though Shahrizad thinks that name may be out of date).

Thailog's scheme to steal the Hand gets underway, assisted by Brentwood, Sevarius (disguised as a biker), and Shahrizad (who even – fittingly, given her specialty – narrates a lot of the scheme) – but finds himself up against some formidable opponents, particularly the now-on-stage Monsieur LeMaire, who can hold his own in a fight against Goliath's clone. (There are hints that Monsieur LeMaire is himself another noted literary figure, alongside Prospero and Shahrizad). One note about the scheme: in the previous issue, Demona had asked Thailog to get what she wanted from the Illuminati, but the White Council has been established as opponents to the Illuminati. No doubt the remaining three issues will explain this seeming discrepancy.

Back in Manhattan, Goliath speaks with Vinnie, and agrees to make some sort of financial deal with the person whom he's working for; we are not told the details, but will no doubt learn about them in the forthcoming issues as well. Jade and Turquesa meet the Manhattan clan, and Broadway and Lexington are finally able to return the Mayan Sun Amulet to them (something we've been awaiting since "The Green"). But Demona launches her attack – a new set of robotic suits (like the one she wore at the start of "The Reckoning" – as Nashville mentions; Brooklyn's shared that adventure with him), only these are remote-controlled, courtesy of Antoinette Dracon.

The big moment comes on the last page. As Owen displays his displeasure at the castle yet again being under attack (echoing his sentiments in "Masque", and "Enter Macbeth" before that), Demona confronts him, announcing that he has something she wants. What that is, we will have to wait for the next issue – but it makes a great cliffhanger, and a good continuation of the story begun in "Questions".

Featured Characters and First Appearances

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The title is Latin for "Where are you going with this?"

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