Huracán Sanchez

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Huracán Sanchez

Huracán Sanchez is one of the leaders of the New York City criminal underworld. Huracán was not present the last time Dino Dracon was active in the city.


Shortly after his daughter, Rosaria, was honored by the city for rescuing a five-year-old from drowning alongside her new boyfriend (and nephew of rival mobster, Choi Yingpei), Peter Choy; Huracán warned her not to associate with him anymore.

Huracán was not present the last time Dino Dracon was active in the city. He attended a summit with the heads of other crime families to discuss how to deal with Dino. ("Miracle Child") But shortly afterwards, Dino abducted his daughter (and Peter) when they were meeting in Central Park in secret. After receiving photos from Dino of Peter being forced to pose, taking his daughter hostage, he declared war on the Choi Family. ("Render Unto Caesar")

Shortly after surviving an assassination attempt (with help from Lexington and Broadway, Izaak Slaughter called the other crime lords and expressed his suspicions that Dino was playing them; but Huracán remined suspicious. ("Young At Heart") After his daughter was rescued by the gargoyles, he agreed to Izaak's summit. But when a bomb (planted by Dino) was discovered at the summit, he voiced his favor of just "finishing things now" as everybody began pointing fingers before agreeing to proceed with peace talks after Lexington reminded him that they rescued his daughter. The talks were disrupted by the arrival of Dino Dracon, who intended to kill everyone in the room... but was soon apparently killed by Dominic Dracon.

With the hostilities ended, Huracán and the other crime lords chose to recognize Dominic Dracon as the Pater Familias to all six crime families. But unbeknownst to him, he handed influence over his gang to Antoinette Dracon and, through her, Demona. ("Cold Comfort")