Izaak Slaughter

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Izaak Slaughter

Izaak Slaughter is one of the leaders of the New York City criminal underworld.  He runs Slaughter Films in Harlem.


While meeting with Jack Dane and four of the Five Families, Izaak considered Dino Dracon’s release from Sing Sing prison to be bad for business; that Dino is bad for business. ("Miracle Child")

Once Dino started turning all the crime families against each other, he instructed Glasses and Pal Joey to attempt to kill Slaughter. Glasses used RECAP technology to control a swarm of cybots in order to take out Slaughter. However, Antoinette Dracon was aware of this plan and notified Broadway. Broadway and Lexington were able to thwart the assassination attempt, though Glasses remarked that Dino was prepared for that possibility. Izaak told Broadway that he owes him for saving his life. ("Underwater", "Everywhere")