Tale Old as Time

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Gargoyles #4 by David Nakayama

The fourth issue of the Gargoyles comic by Dynamite Entertainment was released March 22nd, 2023.


Dino Dracon has just been released from prison. Determined to take over the New York underworld, Dino won't let anyone - human or Gargoyle - stand in his way! So when Goliath and Hudson go out on their nightly patrol, they're in for a couple of extremely nasty surprises!


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The story title is a reference to the song Tale as Old as Time from Disney's 1991 film Beauty and the Beast. The title was to be exactly the same as the song, but Disney requested the alteration for unspecified reasons.[1]

Charles Chalmers' remark that the gargoyles "are menaces! Or threats!" is an allusion to J. Jonah Jameson's habit of referring to Spider-Man as a threat and a menace (including in "The Spectacular Spider-Man"). This habit of Jameson's was even referred to in the "Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns" radio play, when Goliath, meeting Spider-Man for the first time and getting the wrong impression about him, cries, "The Bugle was right about you; you are a threat and a menace!"

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