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The Kenner Action Figures were series of action figures based on Gargoyles released by Kenner in 1995 before being discontinued in 1997.

In 1993, Kenner met with Greg Weisman and pointed out their main concerns for the toy line included (among others) that there was a lack of significant vehicles for both the protagonists and antagonists, that the Trio and Bronx didn't look heroic (i.e. aggressive) enough, and that the key human ally (Elisa) and key evil gargoyle (Demona) were, in fact, both female. [1]

Greg Weisman has personally wished that Kenner had also made an Angela figure. [2]

All four commercials can be found here.

Series One

Battle Goliath




According to Greg Weisman, Brooklyn was supposed to have a special feature inside his jaw, which distorted his head and neck. Ultimately, the special feature was considered too expensive, but the figure's head and neck remained off-model. [3]

Claw Climber Goliath





Mighty Roar Goliath

Night Striker (vehicle)

Power Wing Goliath

Rippin' Rider Cycle (Vehicle)

Steel Clan Robot


Series Two

Castle Playset (Playset)

Elisa Maza

Flamestorm Goliath

Griffin Goliath

Icestorm Brooklyn

Lion Bronx

Minotaur Goliath

Rainstorm Hudson

Steel Clan Xanatos

Stone Camo Broadway

Stone Camo Lexington

Ultimate Goliath

Xanatos XI-44 Roadster (Vehicle)

Series Three

Hardwired Broadway

Hardwired Coldstone

Hardwired Goliath

Hardwired Lexington

Hardwired Xanatos