Lost in the Fun House

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"Lost in the Fun House" is a ten page comic story that appeared in the May, 1996 issue of Disney Adventures.


Lexington and Hudson are taking in a baseball game. Hudson has trouble understanding what's going on and Lex accuses him of not knowing how to have fun. Lex tosses a baseball he's been playing with at the old gargoyle, just as the batter hit a fly ball. Hudson misses the ball and it heads toward the field causing the fielder to catch one call and miss a second one. Lex and Hudson decide it's time to leave.

Wanting to prove that he does know how to have fun, Hudson takes Lex to Coney Island amusement park. After the patrons leave for the night, Hudson introduce Lex to the pleasures of cotton candy, the ferris wheel, and bumper cars. Lex admits that Hudson does know how to have a good time. Exploring the park further, the two come upon the "Magic Fun House", which Hudson hasn't seen before. Hudson is wary, But Lex wants to investigate. They take a lok inside and are startled as a set of stairs flattens into a steep ramp which they slide down.

Inside of the fun house, a custodian is trying on a wizard's costume. Hearing the crash of the two gargoyles sliding to the floor, he goes to investigate with a white rabbit named Harvey (who presumably belongs to the park's real magician).

At the bottom of the ramp, Hudson and Lex discover funhouse mirrors. While they admire their distorted reflections, the custodian listens in. He assumes that the voices are a group of kids who've been breaking into the park at night recently. He grabs a baseball bat to chase them off. When he enters the mirror room, he's shocked to find the two gargoyles, who mistake him for a real sorcerer. Lex tosses a baseball at the janitor. He hits it back with the bat and Lex catches it. The gargoyles and the janitor both flee. Lex notes that the "sorcerer" seemed just as afraid of them as they were of him. Hudson agrees, but thinks they should still get out as soon as possible before he tries any magic. The custodian flips a lightswitch and reveals the funhouse's upside down room, which the gargoyles think has been inverted by magic. The custodian pulls out Harvey the rabbit and Lex and Hudson are scared off.

Outside of the funhouse, the kids who have been breaking in are just arriving as Lex and Hudson are reaching the exit. Upon seeing the gargoyles, the delinquents are frightened away, likely scared off of breaking into amusement parks.