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The Japanese cameraman, female and male reporters.

The male Japanese reporter works for a television station near Ishimura.


Along with his colleague and their cameraman, he attended the opening of the “Gargoyle Theme Park”. When they entered the amusement park, they found Taro in the arms of a giant animatronic gargoyle after his defeat by Yama. Despite this embarrassment, Taro insisted that gargoyles existed. Elisa and Hiroshi contributed hyperbolic stories about gargoyles to destroy any credibility Taro had left. The male reporter told Taro that he did not believe it and left laughing with the female reporter and their cameraman. He also remarked that it was a terrible publicity stunt.


It is unknown if the male reporter was fluent in English like the female reporter since he only had two lines in which he addressed Taro and then his colleagues, which could have been in their native Japanese.



The Goliath Chronicles

The male Japanese reporter appeared in The Goliath Chronicles episode, "Angels in the Night".