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Nanobots magnified.

Nanobots are microscopic machines that are computer-programmed to build more and more of themselves.


According to the robot Coyote, nanobots are "the wave of the future". Indeed, they were instrumental in the creation of Matrix. ("Walkabout")

Besides creating Matrix, nanobots may have already been developed (or, following the events of "Walkabout") by Xanatos Enterprises for more mundane business ventures. [1]

Coldsteel and Coldfire have down-graded nanobots integrated into their bodies, allowing both of them to repair from damage they sustain. ("Possession", "Miracle Child") [2]


Nanobots are, according to Dingo, smaller than germs. Anastasia Renard described how they are programmed with an operating system that is capable of a hive-mind artificial intelligence.