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Peter Choy and Rosaria Sanchez

Peter "Pete" Choy is the teenage nephew of Choi Yingpei.


In 1995, Pete met Rosaria Sanchez when they rescued Ollie, a five-year-old boy, from drowning in Central Park and were honored by the city of New York for their act of heroism. After that day, the two started a relationship (to the disapproval of their families). [1][2]

The two were mentioned in a newspaper article read by Hudson, Broadway, and Dino Dracon. ("High Noon", "Tale Old As Time")

In May 1997, while meeting in secret in Central Park, they were kidnapped.


Production Background

As early as 2001, Greg Weisman intended for Peter Choy to appear in a future story of Gargoyles. [3]