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Previously on Gargoyles . . . were the recaps that followed the opening credits throughout most of the television series. First featured in the second-to-fifth parts of "Awakening" and "Enter Macbeth" in the first season, it was routine by the second season. Inspired from Hill Street Blues, Greg Weisman has written that the recaps served multiple purposes. [1] Not only were they intended to help out new viewers, but they were also supposed to assist regular viewers should the episodes air out of order. [2][3] Most importantly, the recaps were vital in allowing the opportunity to tighten the pacing of each episode and/or cut out bad footage. [4]

Ultimately, despite their usefulness behind the scenes, the general consensus was that the recaps, "tended to give away too much in the episode that was about to air." [5][6] It became apparent to include in an episode's recap only elements that were, "revealed in the first five minutes of the show to follow." [7]. As the second season progressed (by the time of "The Price"), Greg felt the recaps had improved. [8] Greg also noted that observant fans who noticed which actor voiced the phrase, "Previously on Gargoyles", could serve as a teaser for a character's eventual appearance, even if it seemed unlikely. [9]

Ultimately, while the recaps in Gargoyles were, "an integral part of how the series was originally presented", Greg has very much steered away from using them in other series he's worked on, such as The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice. [10][11]