Resurrection Spell

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Demona casting the resurrection spell.

The resurrection spell was a spell stolen from the Grimorum Arcanorum by Demona. ("Temptation")

In February of 1995, Demona used the spell to summon the souls of "Othello", "Desdemona", and "Iago" and revive them as Coldstone. The spell was combined with David Xanatos's science and the dead gargoyle was revived as a cybernetic, re-animated statue.

The spell requires an incantation, as well as a powder mixed in a clay vase that is sprinkled into a larger vase and on the corpse, itself. The souls then emerge from the larger vase before entering its former body. ("Reawakening")

It was posited by Greg Weisman that the lack of a Wind Ceremony following the massacre of the Wyvern Clan was a factor that allowed Demona to summon the spirits. [1]