The Experts

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"The Experts" is a two page comic that appeared in the August, 1996 issue of Disney Adventures.

  • Writer: Heidi MacDonald
  • Art: Pat McEown
  • Lettering: John Costanza
  • Coloring: Robbie Busch


Elisa and the Trio have just finished seeing Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Elisa thinks the movie was wonderful, but the Trio has issues with how the gargoyles were portrayed. Broadway points out that gargoyles aren't really made of stone and Brooklyn adds that the gargoyles in the film weren't dignified. Elisa questions the idea that gargoyles are dignified, citing Broadway's less than dignified reaction to the last box of doughnuts she brought by. The gargoyles wish that someone could make a movie - or maybe a TV show - portraying gargoyles as they really are. After a brief pause to think about it, the Trio laughs at the ridiculous idea, but Elisa remarks that stranger things have happened.


This short comic does double duty, promoting both Gargoyles and the then-current Disney feature film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, all the while reminding readers that these two Disney properties showcase very different interpretations of gargoyles.

While developing The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a couple of members of the Feature Animation crew visited where Gargoyles was produced to confirm that the two properties would have different takes on gargoyles. [1][2]