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Ultra-Pack - A fighting team based on the Pack set up by Coyote 6.0 (who by this point may have learned how to act on his own) in the near future. [1] Coyote will likely offer some "carrot and stick" incentive for keeping the team united. [2]

Jackal, Hyena, Wolf (all freshly upgraded, though in some unknown manner), and a new (possibly male) human member will be included in its membership, with Coyote 7.0 as its leader. [3][4][5]

Future Tense

In Puck's "Future Tense" vision, the Ultra-Pack was a heavily upgraded version of the Pack presumably working for Xanatos (or Lexington masquerading as Xanatos). Broadway, Talon, Maggie, and Coldstone fought against them and Sevarius to keep the last free humans in New York from being turned into Mutates; only Broadway survived the battle, and at the cost of his sight.