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"Antiope" in 971

Antiope was a female gargoyle of the Wyvern Clan. She had no name, but Antiope was used to identify her.


Antiope hatched in 958. Her rookery siblings included "Schnozz", Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway. When the Wyvern Clan was forming an alliance with Prince Malcolm's people in 971, Antiope eavesdropped on the meeting with the Trio. ("The Reach")

After the alliance between Prince Malcolm and the Wyvern Clan was established, Alesand named her Antiope and hoped they would be best friends. ("The Promise")


Antiope had two small horns on her brow ridges and two larger horns on her forehead. She had blue skin and black hair.


Real World Background

Greek mythology boasted a few Antiopes; one was an Amazon queen, the sister of Hippolyta, who married Theseus (and was, more or less, the original of the Hippolyta of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream).

Production Background