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"Antiope" in 971

Antiope was a female gargoyle of the Wyvern Clan. She had no name, but Antiope was used to identify her by her human friend, Alesand.


Antiope hatched in 958. Her rookery siblings included "Schnozz", Caesar, Alexander, and Charlemagne. When the Wyvern Clan was forming an alliance with Prince Malcolm's people in 971, Antiope eavesdropped on the meeting with the Trio. After the clan helped win Kenneth II the crown, she and the rest of the clan participated in a Wind Ceremony for the gargoyles that died in the conflict. ("The Reach", "The Oath")

After the alliance between Prince Malcolm and the Wyvern Clan was established, Alesand named her and hoped they would be best friends. When the traveling performers known as the Light-Bringers visited Wyvern Hill, Antiope was amongst the crowd listening to Shahrizad's stories about the Three Brothers. ("The Promise")

Days later, Antiope met up with Caesar, Alexander, and Charlemagne to help take Alesand out gliding, landing right outside a cave. The five were eager to explore the caverns, discovering the various petroglyphs carved into the threshold. Further below, they came across the Megalith Dance, but, unlike the others, Antiope became apprehensive. The rookling told Alesand it was a "Ghost-Cage", and urged everyone to leave the chamber. Walking down the steps further, the five came upon an even larger cave, one filled with gold and the giant dragon, Wyvern. Antiope urged Alesand to immediately hide moments before the dragon woke up from his stone sleep. When it became apparent that Wyvern saw no value in humanity (except as a quick meal), Antiope yelled for Alesand to run. She continued to escape with Alesand as the Trio did their best to distract the dragon, vowing to protect her human friend. ("The Dream", "The Pledge")

After Wyvern flew off towards the unfinished castle, the five scurried back as fast as they could to warn the others. As it would turn out, they only managed to arrive after the conflict passed, with both the elder humans and gargoyles grateful that everyone was safe. The day after their encounter with Wyvern, Antiope continued to listen to Shahrizad's "Tale of the Three Brothers". ("The Pledge")


Antiope had two small horns on her brow ridges and two larger horns on her forehead. She had blue skin and black hair.


Real World Background

Greek mythology boasted a few Antiopes; one was an Amazon queen, the sister of Hippolyta, who married Theseus (and was, more or less, the original of the Hippolyta of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream).

Production Background