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Bruno without his commando gear.

Bruno is Xanatos's chief of security and head of the Xanatos Enterprises Security Force commandos. [1]


He was in charge of the Force's assault on the Eyrie Building to "steal" computer information from Xanatos, and their attack on Goliath in Central Park, both shortly after the clan's awakening. ("Awakening: Part Two", "Awakening: Part Three") Shortly thereafter, he was guarding a shipment of particle beam rifles and handguns when Tony Dracon and his men stole the shipment. ("Deadly Force") Later, he was in charge of the mercenaries hired by Dr. Anton Sevarius to guard and recapture his mutate test subjects. ("Metamorphosis")

He later appeared in charge of the commandos who were to help guard Sevarius's Loch Ness project. He was assigned to guard Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx, but when they broke out, they forced him to pilot a minisub, and also to fire upon Sevarius's main sub. He was left on the shores of Loch Ness by the Avalon travelers. ("Monsters") He returned to Manhattan to continue leading Xanatos's security force and, after he and the rest of the commandos were dismissed by Owen from the castle ramparts, he was last seen providing security at Xanatos's Masque party in the atrium of the Eyrie Building on Halloween, 1996. ("Masque", "Bash") [2]


Not much is known about Bruno, except that he is a normal male human with no known superhuman abilities, but he is trained in various combat techniques, and in the usage of various types of weapons.


Production Background

Voice Actor: Jeff Bennett

Bruno was named by Cary Bates. [3]