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Elisa and Cagney

Cagney is Elisa's pet cat. He was named after actor James Cagney. [1]


Greg Weisman has said that Cagney wasn't adopted at a shelter by Elisa, but rather Cagney adopted Elisa, hinting that Cagney may have been a stray cat. [2] In late 1996, Cagney was about three years old. [3]

Cagney is, fortunately, good at looking after himself when Elisa is absent. While she was away on the Avalon World Tour, Hudson and the trio looked after him at the clock tower. ("Kingdom")

While the rest of the Manhattan Clan was busy during the events of "Vendettas" and "Turf", Cagney may have accompanied Bronx on an adventure. [4]


Note: This character does not speak, therefore he does not have any lines.

Production Background

Voice Actor: Frank Welker