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Lou and Chaz as Quarrymen.

Charles "Chaz" Chalmers was one of the human goons who supported Fang in his attempt to seize control of the Labyrinth in January 1996. [1] He was subsequently banished from it, after Talon assumed leadership there. ("Kingdom")

Later that year, he and his partner, Lou, joined the Quarrymen. On the night of Halloween, wanting a strong Quarryman presence in the streets, Chaz wished to carry his hammer, but got overruled by John Castaway (who didn't want to risk provoking a public incident). ("Invitation Only", "Masque")

In May 1997, Chaz was allegedly testing out a new camcorder and filmed Goliath, Angela, Lexington, and Broadway apprehending some ATM burglars. He shared the footage with WVRN and was interviewed about it. He called the gargoyles "freaky", "threats", and "menaces". ("Tale Old as Time")