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Egwardo is a gargoyle egg in the Manhattan Clan's 1998 rookery. In fact, it is currently the only egg of the Manhattan Clan that will hatch in 1998.


Brooklyn and Katana produced Egwardo during their TimeDancer adventures. Katana carried the egg with her in a back-pack for the next nine years. Arriving back in Manhattan from his TimeDance, Brooklyn introduced the egg to his clan-mates as Egwardo. When an excited Angela asked to hold the egg, Katana was perhaps hesitant. Afterwards, Katana packed the egg into her back-pack and took it with her into battle against the Pack. ("Phoenix")

While Egwardo is routinely guarded by Bronx and Fu-Dog in the clan's rookery, the egg was taken out by Katana on the night Goliath was released from human custody. The following night, Brooklyn shared his and Katana's wish for Lexington, Broadway, and Angela to join them as Egwardo's rookery parents. ("Cold Comfort")

In 1998, Egwardo will hatch into the gargoyle known as Tachi. [1][2]


Egwardo is a typical gargoyle egg: egg-shaped, and a pale purple color with spots.

First revealed by Greg Weisman at the 2009 Gathering, Katana originally thought the name 'Egwardo' had a greater significance in English, but soon learned the name to be a joke that she only barely tolerates. ("Idyll or Nightmare")

As of "Phoenix", Egwardo hasn't taken a life. [3]


Note: This character does not speak, therefore it does not have any lines.


"Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns"

While watching Angela play with Nashville, Brooklyn announced to Broadway and Lexington that he and Katana had decided that they wanted the whole clan to be Nashville and Egwardo's rookery parents. [4]