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In 1995, Golden Books published a 24-page adaptation of "Awakening Part One" and the first one-and-a-half acts of "Awakening Part Two" adapted by Lawrence Henry and simply titled Gargoyles.


The book closely follows the action of the episodes, beginning with the Viking attack on Castle Wyvern and ending with the Manhattan Clan reuniting after awakening atop the Eyrie Building in 1994. The text is illustrated throughout the book with actual screenshots from the show.

While ostensibly a children's book, this adaptation still includes the Wyvern Massacre (although, as often happened in the animated series, the word "destroyed" is used in place of "killed"). Also included is mention of Goliath getting wounded in his first encounter with Hakon (although no shots of him bleeding are shown) and Hakon and the Captain of the Guard falling off the cliff (but it is not dwelt upon, and Goliath is not shown lamenting his lost revenge).

Other items of note:

  • Demona is referred to by that name on pages 7 and 8 (the scene in the dining hall and the argument after), which would seem to indicate she already had her name. The other gargoyles, however, remain nameless as they were in the series at this point, with the Trio and Bronx referred to as "Three young Gargoyles and their dog..." (pg 11), and Hudson as Goliath's "...oldest and wisest warrior..." (pg 12). Also, no indication is ever given that Demona is Goliath's Second in Command, let alone his mate.
  • Similar to Gargoyles The Movie: The Heroes Awaken, the eggs in the rookery are never mentioned. Goliath punishes the Trio by sending them to "...the caves beneath the castle" (pg 11), and does not ask Princess Katharine or the Magus to watch over the eggs before asking to be cursed.
  • Despite the screenshots of the white-cloaked figure meeting with Hakon, the text refers to him as the Captain right away, and makes no attempt to throw suspicion on the Magus as the series did.
  • No mention is made of the Captain's demotion (reporting to the Magus instead of directly to the Princess), making his sole motivation for betrayal anger at the treatment of the gargoyles.
  • Tom is not mentioned at all in this adaptation (in direct contrast to another adaptation of these episodes, Gargoyles: Defenders of the Night).
  • Because this adaptation only covers the 10th century scenes, and the awakening in New York City, Elisa Maza does not appear anywhere in this book. David Xanatos is mentioned on page 22, but not seen.


Another Golden Book, based on the episode "The Edge" was published in 1996, entitled Gargoyles: Deadly Doubles.

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