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Publications International, Ltd published a twenty page book similar to the Where's Waldo books (the year of publication is unspecified in the book). It uses story elements from "Awakening" up to "Temptation". It was titled Look and Find Gargoyles.

  • Illustrated by Jaime Diaz Studios
  • Written by Gary Louis (as well as adapting previously written material)
  • Lettered by Kelly Hume
  • Published by Louis Weber (CEO)


Stone by day, flesh by night... Swoop into the action-packed pages of this Look and Find book as you learn the tale of the Gargoyles. Join them in their last battle to save their castle, then journey to New York City where they continue their quest to understand the human race. Use your sharp eyes and keen wits to help the Gargoyles fight for justice and explore their new world.


Each couple of pages contain a single picture in which the reader has to find the specified people or objects.

  • Page 2 & 3: Castle Wyvern is under attack by the Vikings, which requires the reader to find Goliath, Hudson, Demona, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Bronx. ("Awakening Part One")
  • Page 4 & 5: Castle Wyvern is being moved above the clouds, and the reader is required to find some lost castle items. The items in question are a battle axe, a crown, a torch, a bow, a throne, a shield, and a royal flag. ("Awakening Part Two")
  • Page 6 & 7: The Gargoyles awaken only to have to defend the castle from intruders from Cyberbiotics. The reader has to find the items belonging to the intruders which include a sledgehammer, dynamite, crossbow, night vision glasses, walkie-talkie, tear gas canister, utility knife, and the disks. ("Awakening Part Two")
  • Page 8 & 9: Goliath and Demona board the Cyberbiotics Air Fortress to recover a stolen disk. In addition to the stolen disk, the reader is supposed to locate some fabricated high-tech items such as a cubic switchatech, pixel-a-go-go, paper inkatron, crystallin luminator, alphaclickclacker, and movable nonsqueaker. ("Awakening Part Four")
  • Page 10 & 11: The Trio go to Madison Square Garden to see a live appearance by the Pack. The reader is told to look for Wolf, Dingo, Fox, Jackal, and Hyena. ("The Thrill of the Hunt")
  • Page 12 & 13: Brooklyn tries out a motorcycle made by Lexington, only to come across a motorcycle gang. The reader is supposed to help Brooklyn find Goliath, Hudson, Demona, Lexington, Broadway, Bronx, and Elisa. ("Temptation")
  • Page 14 & 15: The Gargoyles go to an art studio to find and return jewels stolen from a museum by Xanatos. The following jewels for the reader to find include a pearl necklace, golden candlesticks, jewel-covered shoes, gem-covered goblet, crown of jewels, diamond ring, diamond bracelet, and a diamond-hilted sword.
  • Page 16 & 17: The Gargoyles attend a nightclub filled with people wearing weird costumes (which allow them to blend in). The reader is asked to look for some of the individuals who are named Marty Muscle, Sunflower, Trendy Tracy, Roller Blake, Rainbow Ruby, Mr. Cue Ball and Spike.
  • Page 18 & 19: The Gargoyles go to an arcade for some fun. The reader is asked to look for entertaining items/individuals such as a clown, popcorn, cotton candy, game token, balloons, prize teddy bear, wonder pony and a jukebox.

The back of the book contains an additional list of items for the reader to look out for.


The gargoyles are all referred to in the narration by their modern names throughout the book.

Demona is never identified as an adversary; her betrayal is never mentioned, she is grouped with the "other Gargoyles" in the "Temptation" scenario (pages 12 & 13), and in the art studio scenario (pages 14 & 15) she seems to be actively helping the clan.

Demona is absent from four of the nine scenarios in the book: the construction on pages 4 & 5 (where the rest of the clan is shown as stone statues), the "Thrill of the Hunt" sequence on pages 10 & 11 (though, as per the episode, Goliath, Hudson and Bronx are also not at the Pack's show), and the two made-for-the-book "fun" scenarios covering pages 16-19 (which ostensibly feature the whole clan). These absences are presented with no indication of her conflict with the clan.

Despite being the second lead of the show, Elisa is only featured in two of the scenarios (the attack on pages 6 & 7, and the "Temptation" scenario on pages 12 & 13) and is only mentioned in the latter.

Princess Katharine can be seen standing next to Hudson during the Viking siege (pages 2 & 3).

As depicted on pages 4 & 5, the Eyrie Building in this book seems to be a residential structure, complete with families living in apartments right below the Castle.

Although the commandos attacking the castle on pages 6 & 7 wear the uniforms of Xanatos's own security force as per the episode, they are never identified as anything other than "Cyberbiotics intruders." Xanatos's own duplicity in the matter is never revealed, and the plot of the book's scenarios seems to follow the idea that Cyberbiotics did steal from Xanatos.

As she is drawn on pages 10 & 11, Hyena seems to be wearing a mask.

In the "Temptation" scenario on pages 12 & 13, Bronx is shown (complete with three cartoon hearts over his head) infatuated with a stereotypical French poodle, who hides behind a tree with a cartoonish look of fear on its face.

Many of the background characters have cartoonish or otherwise exaggerated actions, expressions and props. This includes several cases of anthropomorphic animals, such as the mice in the artist's studio (pages 14 & 15), one of which is painting on an easel (complete with painter's smock).

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