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Jason Canmore
Jason Conover
Jason (age 16) with his siblings.
The royal family's family tree

Jason Canmore was a Hunter, the oldest of the three Canmore siblings, and their leader during their battle with Goliath's clan.


Jason was born in 1964. [1] When he was a youth, Jason and his younger sister and brother, Robyn and Jon respectively, accompanied their father Charles Canmore to Paris in his hunt for The Demon in 1980, and saw him slain by her at Notre Dame Cathedral on the night of September 28th. Filled with anger at Demona for killing his father, Jason vowed revenge and took up the Hunter's mask. Thereafter, he and his brother and sister hunted Demona throughout the world, seeking to destroy her and all gargoyles. ("Hunter's Moon Part Three")

In 1996, they came to New York City, where Jason, adopting the alias of Jason Conover, obtained a job as a policeman at the 23rd precinct station house, choosing this location because there had been more gargoyle sightings in this portion of New York than anywhere else in the city. [2][3] He was partnered to Elisa, neither one knowing the other's secret, and in the course of their teaming up, began to develop feelings for each other.

During his first night in Manhattan, Jason and his siblings attacked Goliath, Angela, and Hudson at a Xanatos Enterprises warehouse, having mistaken Angela for Demona (and being hostile towards the gargoyles in any case on account of their vow to destroy the entire race). Jason critically wounded Angela, almost killing her, which began the feud between the Manhattan Clan and the Hunters. With his siblings, Jason tracked the clan to the clock tower and had it destroyed, but temporarily absented himself from the attack when he saw Elisa arriving at the station house. ("Hunter's Moon Part One", "Hunter's Moon Part Two")

Desperate to save her life, he swooped down to get her to safety, but in the process, she discovered his true identity.

The following day, Elisa and Jason met in the ruins of the clock tower to speak with each other; there, Jason learned to his shock that Elisa was a friend of the clan's. She did her best to turn him away from his pursuit of the clan, and even asked him what had started his family's feud with gargoyles to begin with; he had to confess that he didn't know. However, he felt that it was too late to end the quarrel. [4]

Seeking to avenge the destruction of the clock tower, Goliath tracked the Hunters down to their headquarters near a dam, and fought them there. When Elisa came to the dam in a last desperate effort to stop the feud, Goliath knocked Jason into her, sending both plummeting over the dam, seemingly to their deaths. They survived, however, and Jason saved Elisa's life, getting her back to the city and to safety. In the course of so doing, he finally realized the error of his ways, and afterwards arrived at Saint Damien's Cathedral with her to stop the fight between the gargoyles and the two remaining Hunters. He urged Jon Canmore to give up the hunt, but Jon was too filled with hatred and anger to listen. He shot at Goliath, but Jason interposed himself, and received the shot instead. It severed his spine, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Robyn got Jason to a hospital safely, where Elisa came to visit him. There he admitted to her that it was his mind that needed more healing than his body; Elisa offered to help him, although making it clear that her heart was now given to someone else (Goliath), which Jason understood. ("Hunter's Moon Part Three")

A short time later, on Halloween, 1996, Jason was still in the hospital under police guard. When Elisa visited him, he made her promise him that she would find someone who could give her everything she wanted. These words contributed to Elisa's growing doubts about her relationship with Goliath. ("Invitation Only")

By December, Jason had been transferred to Rikers Island and was in rehabilitation, though his progress was slow (it remains uncertain if he is still awaiting trial). [5] His sister came to visit him there and they together learned that their brother Jon Canmore had become John Castaway, the leader of the Quarrymen. ("Estranged")

In the future, Jason will attempt, presumably unsuccessfully, to turn his brother from his destructive course. [6] Jason will continue to be involved in John, Robyn, and Elisa's lives, as he personally struggles to redirect his own. [7]


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Voice Actor: Diedrich Bader