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"Take the A Train" is a twelve page comic story that appeared in the May, 1995 issue of Disney Adventures, along with "Cyber Hunt".


After eating another modern meal that doesn't quite fill him up, Broadway yearns for the days when gargoyles hunted for their food. Brooklyn points out that even back then, much of Broadway's diet came from the castle kitchen. Besides, there are no wild boar or oxen to hunt in Manhattan. But then, Lexington points out a possible solution: the tabloid he's reading claims that there are alligators in the city sewers. Intrigued by the potential challenge, the Trio sets off to hunt alligators. They decide to take the subway, try to catch the scent of an alligator, and then pursue it into the sewers. The gargoyles hop on the A train and ride through the subway tunnel. Lex takes a look through the trains front window to see how it works, but Brooklyn pulls him back to keep him from scaring the conductor.

It turns out the conductor may have worse things than gargoyles to worry about, as a group of thugs boards and hijacks the train. They intend to take the train into one of the abandoned subway tunnels so they can rob the passengers. All of this is unknown to the gargoyles, who disembark shortly after the train detours when Broadway claims he smells alligators.

The Trio returns shortly, having found nothing but spiders and rats. They spot a train at what should be an abandoned station. Lex realizes that it's the same train they rode in and that the passengers are being robbed. Frustrated at not having found any alligators, Broadway is perfectly happy to take it out on the thugs. A battle ensues and the passengers and conductor are able to get back to the train and leave the station. Seeing that the train has left, the thugs try to run through a nearby turnstile, but Broadway throws a chunk of wall and blocks their escape route. Brooklyn pursue the thugs and one of them tosses what looks to be a grenade at him. He whacks it aside with his tail, straight into a wall adjoining a sewer pipe. The wall explodes and actual alligators are revealed. The gargoyles herd the frightened thugs into a small room and Broadway shuts them in, securing them until Elisa can come to arrest them.

With the thugs safely imprisoned, Broadway turns his attention to another matter: gator wrestling! Shortly, the trio sits around a fire, presumably full of roast gator, and Broadway admits that the city does have some opportunities to have fun.


The urban myth of alligators living in Manhattan's sewers was alluded to in the episode "The Thrill of the Hunt" – thus, while not canon, this story follows the Gargoyles trend of myths and legends referred to appearing on-stage in a later story.


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