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Gargoyles: Dark Ages #2 by Clayton Crain

The Draw is second issue of the Gargoyles: Dark Ages comic by Dynamite Entertainment. It was released on August 9th, 2023. [1]


THE ORIGIN OF THE GARGOYLES CONTINUES! In this second installment of the “Dark Ages” saga, Kenneth and Mentor’s human and Gargoyle alliance battle King Culen’s army (with some p]magic]]al help from the ARCHMAGE). Mentor orders Goliath's generation to stay back, as they aren’t yet seasoned warriors, but Angel and Hyppolyta disobey Mentor’s order and join the fighting — at great cost. Written by Gargoyles creator GREG WEISMAN and illustrated by star artist DREW MOSS, this 40-page issue also features an illustrated text story by Weisman! ALL COVERS CARDSTOCK

The Story


The Wyvern Clan's early adventures continue in this issue, and very effectively.

The big moment is the death of Mentor's mate, "Verity". The death in itself was not surprising - Greg Weisman had mentioned long before that she died in 971, though until this issue came out, it was canon-in-training - but it happening so early in the story *was* a surprise. It was also well-handled, with the looks of utter horror from Hyppolyta, Angel, and Mentor, and an entire page being dedicated to a single panel of a grieving Mentor clasping his dead mate in his arms. (Followed by the quick death at Mentor's hands of the thane who had slain her.)

This is the central moment, but there are other noteworthy features. Culen is revealed to have his own sorcerer, a certain Lord Valois, who delivers a magical attack on the gargoyles (in the form of watery hands rising from the sea to grab them) before the Archmage puts him to rout. It is indicated that Valois and the Archmage have a history; will we learn more in the following issues? (Valois is also portrayed as using a spear for his magical device, a counterpart to the Grimorum Arcanorum for the Archmage - and calling it "hasta fatum", Latin for "Spear of Destiny"....)

To top it off, Angel's recklessness gets her captured by Culen, who uses her as a hostage to make his escape. (Goliath is so horrified that he forgets his orders to stay out of the fighting, which he has hitherto obeyed, and tries to come to her rescue; Mentor has to literally hold him back.) The debate among Kenneth and his allies and followers over what to do is well-handled, particularly when Prince Malcolm points out to his older brother that breaking an oath to his allies would be a bad way to begin his reign. Culen escapes with his prisoner, but it's clear from the final panel that Mentor intends to remedy that....

A fine continuation to the first issue.

First Appearances




Culen uses the term Rhydderch for a gargoyle leader, when speaking to Mentor.

Cover Gallery

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