Xanatos Goon Squad

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The Xanatos Goon Squad.
The Xanatos Goon Squad in Gen-U-Tech uniforms.

The Xanatos Goon Squad is David Xanatos' security team, so named by Elisa Maza. Their official name is the Xanatos Enterprises Security Force, and they are otherwise known simply as the Commandos.

Their leader is Bruno; the only other distinctive member of it (prior to "Monsters") is a female blond guard whose name is as yet unknown. [1]


The Xanatos Enterprises Security Force not only handles the regular duties of a security team for Xanatos, but carry out more unusual missions at times, such as staging the attack on Castle Wyvern and theft of the computer disks or the attack on Goliath and Elisa in Central Park shortly afterwards. ("Awakening Part Two", "Awakening Part Three", ("Awakening Part Four")

In 1996, the entire Xanatos Enterprises Security Force, except for Bruno, was killed at Loch Ness when the submarine they were in sank to the bottom of the Loch after taking on water. ("Monsters")

However, by Halloween of 1996, Bruno had returned to New York City and was a part of, and probably in command of, a larger Security Force at the Eyrie Building. They were charged with keeping the building safe as Xanatos' Masque party was taking place in the Atrium. Their presence helped Owen Burnett convince Thailog to put aside his weapons in his conflict with Goliath. ("Masque")


  • When asked what the Goon Squad's real name was, Greg Weisman stated that he usually thinks of them as "the Commandos", but that their real name is probably "the Xanatos Enterprises Security Force. Or something." [2]