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The Gargoyles Series Bible was written by Greg Weisman for the first season of Gargoyles as a reference guide to the Gargoyles Universe and its inhabitants. It was originally written on 26 September 1993, during production of the first season, and then revised on 5 February 1994, over two months before the original airdate of "Reawakening", the first season finale. [1]

The Bible is not entirely canonical. Some information is incomplete, such as that concerning background characters from the first season who would become more prominent later (such as Beth Maza or Tom). Other information is contradicted by later episodes of the series. For example, the Bible refers to the Coyote robots as CY.O.T.I. (short for CYber-Operational Technical Intelligence) and it functions slightly differently. There is also information that may be true in the canonical Gargoyles Universe, but which has not been revealed except through the Bible. For example, Elisa's apartment is mentioned as being in SoHo. Despite this, it remains a useful reference tool for the first season of the show and its enduring central elements.

The full Series Bible, with commentary, can be found here on Aris Katsaris' website, Lost Tales: Gargoyles. [2]

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