Dracon Limousine

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The Dracon Limousine in 1994.

The Dracon Limousine is the vehicle that Pal Joey often chauffeurs the various members of the Dracon Family.

In December 1995, Glasses hopped into the limo after blowing up Art & Lois'. Inside he shared with Tony Dracon that someone was trying to muscle in on his territory. ("Protection")

In May 1997, Pal Joey drove Antoinette Dracon to pick up Dominic Dracon and Dino Dracon from Bellevue Hospital and Sing Sing Correctional Facility, respectively. When he picked up Dino, he inadvertently splashed water on Dino's shoes. Dino responded by assaulting Pal Joey, swiftly kicking him out of the driver's seat and telling him to be a more careful driver. He drove off, leaving Pal Joey outside the prison. ("Idyll Or Nightmare", "Tale Old as Time")