Ed Asner

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Ed Asner

Ed Asner (1929 - 2021) was a prodigious actor who voiced Hudson, among other characters on Gargoyles.

Prior to Gargoyles, Asner was most famous playing Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and the spin-off Lou Grant. Prior to The Spectacular Spider-Man, Ed also provided voice work for Spider-Man: The Animated Series (as J. Jonah Jameson) and Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (as Officer Barr).

Roles on Gargoyles

Other Roles

  • Bonkers
    • Gramps ("Seems Like Old Toons")
  • 3x3 Eyes (English dub)
    • Grandpa Ayanokoji


A reference to Asner is made in a Marvel Comics story where Hudson is shown watching The Lou Grant Show before it is interrupted by the news. ("Blood From A Stone")

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