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Jack Dane in 1995.

Jack Dane is Mace Malone's stepson, the son of Flo Dane.


Jackson Dane was born around 1919. [1][2] In 1924, when he was five years old, Malone abandoned him and his mother at the Illuminati's orders. Jack followed his stepfather's footsteps, entering the world of organized crime, and he became a member of the Dracon gang. While working for Dominic, he personally taught and trained Dino Dracon. ("Underwater")

Jack later turned against the Dracons for unknown reasons. [3] After testifying against them in court, Jack Dane entered the Witness Protection Program, taking on the new name of "Jack Danforth" and assuming the identity of a retired banker who spent his time at the V-Shape Health Club. [4][5] Martin Hacker informed Matt Bluestone about Jack Danforth, mistakenly believing that it would be another false lead, but Jack was able to help Matt locate Mace Malone. ("Revelations")

Jack eventually left the Witness Protection Program and would also have another encounter with Matt Bluestone. [6]

Later on, when Tomas Brod came to New York City and entered into a turf war with Tony Dracon, Jack came out of "retirement" to assist him as his consigliere. After Elisa, the trio, and Angela defeated Brod's forces, however, Jack quickly found himself behind bars. But was soon released, being Brod's man on the streets. ("Turf", "A Little Crazy")

In 1997, after attacking a Dracon drug lab, Jack met with Huracán Sanchez, Choi Yingpei, Grisha Volkov, and Izaak Slaughter the day before Dino Dracon was scheduled to be released from prison, hoping the five rival factions could devise a plan to mitigate Dino's impact on New York's underworld. ("Miracle Child") As Dino's larger plan began to unravel, Dane was skeptical of Slaughter's charges, considering Dino "a Howitzer with a hair-trigger." But he later attended the summit where Dino's plan to wipe out the heads of all the families was foiled by the arrival of the Manhattan Clan and Dino's apparent death at the hands of Dominic Dracon. Following these events, Dominic was made Pater Familias to all six crime families, and Dane kissed his ring. ("Young At Heart", "Cold Comfort")


Jack feels strongly that Mace Malone is a bum.


Production Background

Voice Actor: Ed Asner