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Various particle beam guns.

Particle Beam Weapons are advanced non-projectile weapons designed by Xanatos Enterprises. The weapons are equipped with a laser sight for aiming the otherwise invisible particle beam.

David Xanatos armed his personal security team with particle beams, as well as equipped the Steel Clan with particle beams on their right forearms. His exo-frame is also equipped with a particle beam cannon on the right forearm, as is Coldstone. The various Coyote robots are also equipped with built in particle beams.

In 1994 a shipment of three-hundred-twenty-two particle beam weapons (of various sizes, styles and power ranges) was stolen by Tony Dracon, with his gang arming themselves with several of the guns. Goliath destroyed the stolen guns in Dracon's warehouse, except for approximately thirty-seven of them, which had already been sold on the street.

Demona also has her own arsenal of particle beam cannons (most likely supplied by Xanatos when they were allied), as does Thailog. Whether these guns were stolen or bought legally is unknown, although Nightstone Unlimited may manufacture them now as well.

Thirty-Seven Missing Particle Beams

As mentioned above, Owen Burnett estimated that at least thirty-seven particle beam weapons stolen by Tony Dracon had gone missing. In his ramble for "Deadly Force", Greg Weisman noted that early on in the show's production, he (and by extension, Broadway) had meant to keep track of how many weapons were still missing. [1] These listed below have since been accounted for. Note that none of the weapons used by Xanatos, his employees, or allies like Demona are included on this list.

  • "Deadly Force": Broadway destroyed one that was being used in a mugging. Broadway later interrupted Glasses of a particle beam pistol, causing it to be dropped on the street. It can be safely assumed that Broadway destroyed it after getting information on Dracon's whereabouts.
  • "City of Stone Part One": The terrorist and her four henchmen took hostages at a bank, their particle beam rifles were destroyed by the Manhattan Clan.
  • "Protection": When foiling Pal Joey's attempt to bomb a dry cleaners, Broadway crushed a particle beam rifle being carried by a gangster acting as Joey's backup. At Mr. Jaffe's shop, Glasses backed up Dracon with a particle beam cannon while another thug carried a particle beam rifle; the rifle was destroyed by Goliath while we can assume Glasses's cannon was confiscated by the police.
  • "Turf": During the raid on Dracon's chop shop, Glasses dropped a particle beam cannon that we can assume was confiscated by the police. Glassed dropped another particle beam bazooka into the river when held up by Tomas Brod.

Tally: Twelve destroyed or recovered.

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