Carlos Maza

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Carlos Maza

Carlos Maza was Peter Maza's father, and the grandfather of Elisa, Derek, and Beth Maza.


Carlos Maza was a member of the tribal police in Arizona for a local Native American tribe (probably the Hopi) around 1960, and a keen believer in the old ways of his people. Carlos did his best to raise his son in these traditions, even having Peter do the Dance of the Coyote when he was a boy. However, to his displeasure, Peter decided to leave Arizona for New York City in 1960, beginning a rift between them that lasted for the rest of Carlos's life.

While Carlos did at some point meet Elisa, Derek, and Beth, he had mixed feelings on Peter's marriage to Diane because it was an interracial marriage. [1]

By 1996, Carlos was dead, from an unknown cause; however, Peter, during his return visit to Arizona that year (which led into his encounter, alongside the gargoyles and Elisa, with Xanatos and Coyote 4.0), managed to make his peace with his father at his graveside. ("Cloud Fathers")


Production Background

Voice Actor: Michael Horse