Five Families

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The heads of the Five Families meet... minus a representative from the Dracon Family

The Five Families refer to the main crime families in the New York area.


The Dracon Family were considered the undisputed head family, until 1996's turf war that culminated in the arrests of Tony Dracon and Tomas Brod. ("Turf", "Tale Old as Time")

The current heads of the Five Families are Choi Yingpei, Dino Dracon, Huracán Sanchez, Izaak Slaughter, and Grisha Volkov.

Despite their collective name, the Five Families are not a united front; relatives such as Peter Choy and Rosaria Sanchez are discouraged from interacting with one another, and even when every head (and Jack Dane, representing Brod's interests following his arrest) expressed apprehension of Dino's pending release from Sing Sing, such efforts ultimately devolved into further infighting. ("Miracle Child", "Render Unto Caesar", "Underwater")

Real World Background

The Five Families have historically referred to various New York-based families since the 1930s. The term is also a reference to the crime families featured in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film, The Godfather (based on Mario Puzo's crime novel).

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