Grisha Volkov

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Grisha Volkov
Grisha Volkov in a bodycast.

Grisha Volkov is one of the leaders of the New York City criminal underworld, and the father of Wolf.


In May 1997, Grisha believed that Dino Dracon’s return would be a bloodbath and told the other heads of the Five Families as much. ("Miracle Child")

Not long after Dino was released from prison, Grisha and his attendant Sidor were nearly killed by a car bomb outside of Felice's Meats. Grisha was taken to a hospital where he was tended to. He presumed the bomb was placed by Jack Dane and instructed Wolf to break into prison and kill Dane's boss Tomas Brod. ("Underwater")

He later attended Izaak Slaughter's summit, but defiantly told the gargoyles that he owed them nothing after they got his son arrested. With the hostilities ended, Huracán and the other crime lords chose to recognize Dominic Dracon as the Pater Familias to all six crime families. But unbeknownst to him, he handed influence over his operations to Antoinette Dracon and, through her, Demona. ("Cold Comfort")