Scarab Radio Transmitter

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A Scarab radio transmitter.

A Scarab radio transmitter is a tracking device manufactured by the Scarab Corporation.


Xanatos plants a radio transmitter on Goliath in 1994.
Xanatos removes the device from Goliath's back in 1995.
By 1996, Goliath still hasn't learned to stop allowing strange humans to touch him.

In 1994, David Xanatos planted a tracking device on Goliath's back which allowed his commandos to track the gargoyle through Central Park. Elisa Maza discovered the tracking device and planted it on a stray dog to distract the goons. She later tracked the logo on the device and discovered that Xanatos was behind the attack in the park. ("Awakening: Part Three", "Awakening: Part Four", "Awakening: Part Five")

A year later on Halloween, Xanatos planted a second radio transmitter on Goliath's back and tracked the gargoyle to Bleeker Street, as part of his fifth ploy in using Goliath to help save Fox from the effects of the Eye of Odin. As he admitted, "old habits die hard". ("Eye of the Beholder")

In October 1996, a third radio transmitter was planted on Goliath by Robyn Canmore who used it to track the gargoyle back to the Clock Tower before destroying it. This transmitter lacked a logo, so it is unknown if it was also manufactured by the Scarab Corporation. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Two, "Hunter's Moon" Part Three)


The device, while small and effective in function, typically displays an obvious logo of the Scarab Corporation.("Awakening: Part Five")