Demona's Armband

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Demona's armband.

Demona's armband is a piece of decorative gold jewelry that Demona has worn around her left bicep since at least A.D. 975. ("Vows")

When she alongside Goliath, Brooklyn and Lexington were captured aboard the Hunters' Airship, Demona removed the armband and allowed Lexington to use it to divert the electrical current in their cell's bars. ("Hunter's Moon Part Two") On the night of the Hunter's Moon, Demona arrived at Saint Damien's Cathedral, not wearing an armband. When she returned to Saint Damien's Cathedral on Halloween to retrieve the crystal inside the Praying Gargoyle, she was wearing a new one. ("Invitation Only")

Greg Weisman posited, years before the comic book was licensed, that Demona could have a replacement made. [1]