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The Trio

Trio is the group name for Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway.


The Trio (and a rookery sister) as hatchlings in 971 AD

The trio are three rookery brothers born to the Wyvern Clan in 958. [1] According to Hudson, they were close friends and brothers practically from the moment they hatched and did practically everything together throughout their youth. They often got into mischief together including eavesdropping on their elders, playing with and damaging construction equipment during the building of Castle Wyvern, exploring the Archmage's Cave, awakening the dragon inside and revealing information to him, and scaring the human refugees in 994.

Their camaraderie and bond lasted into the 1990s after their awakening and was perhaps even exaggerated by their clan's status as the only known surviving gargoyles at the time.

The Trio as a group began to fracture after their return to the castle in 1996. Broadway began to spend more time with his future mate Angela. Lexington spent several months in London (meeting Staghart and spending more time fostering that friendship) and also spent more time with Alex. And Brooklyn left and returned from his TimeDancer adventures leaving him forty years older than Broadway and Lexington, and with a new family to boot. Though Brooklyn would speak highly of the brotherly bond to his son Nashville during the latter's youth, they had come to take each other for granted. This hastened the drift away from their being the gargoyle equivalent of the Three Musketeers (something that Elisa, Hudson and Goliath all noticed). However, Hudson felt that when a crisis strikes, they will be drawn back together just as they were before.[2]

This crisis came to pass when the Manhattan Clan was without Goliath's leadership in May, 1997 and the Trio (and Gnash) united to battle Dino Dracon and his gang and rescue Peter Choy and Rosaria Sanchez. Despite the changes that have occurred, the three brothers will continue to be friends throughout their lives. [3]

Production Background

The Trio

The three gargoyles are occasionally referred to by 'The Trio' in the course of the series ("The Cage", "Future Tense", "Tale Old As Time"), but the term is used more often by staff and fans.

In the trading card series, the Trio (under that name) have their own character card, as well as each gargoyle having his own independent character card.

To avoid comparisons to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Greg Weisman had a "no pizza rule" for the Trio in the first season. [4]