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Gargoyles #9 by David Nakayama

"Your Witness" is the ninth issue of the Gargoyles comic by Dynamite Entertainment. It was released September 13th, 2023. [1]


THE TRIAL OF GOLIATH BEGINS! With a district attorney intent on proving that Gargoyles should not be considered people, Goliath will rely on influential human friends to speak on his behalf, including the love of his life, NYPD Detective ELISA MAZA

The Story


Goliath's Hearing finally takes place.

This is the first "episode" of Gargoyles without any fighting – no fighting in the form of physical combat, that is. A battle takes place in the courtroom, definitely, but the weapons are words – and the opposing lawyers, Margot Yale and Tobe Crest, both use these weapons shrewdly.

When Renard testifies on Goliath's behalf, Margot promptly reveals – to the shock of both Goliath and the Manhattan gargoyles, watching the televised hearing, that he's the mystery benefactor of the Gargoyle Taskforce. Crest salvages some of the situation by asking Renard about his motives; Renard explains that he saw the situation as the best hope of revealing the gargoyles' true nature to the public, but it's still clear that Margot has turned the situation to her advantage.

When Goliath, in turn, speaks, Margot twists his words to suggest that gargoyles only seek to live in peace with humans out of necessity; so much of the Earth is inhabited by humans that they can't live away from them. She even points out that, since gargoyles aren't humans (and the biological difference between the two species is certainly great), it seems to make no sense for them to apply for human rights. And when the security guard Renqvist admits that Goliath passed up two opportunities to escape prison, wishing to earn his freedom legally, Margot calls attention to the fact that he's still clinging to the remote control to Goliath's shock-collar, implying that his views on gargoyles haven't changed that much.

Crest displays his own skill with words, however, including pointing out, when Castaway claims that the supposed massacres of gargoyles by humans were really humanity defending itself from evil monsters, that the book he claims as a source was written by one of his ancestors (indicating that Castaway is biased in his assessment of the record's accuracy), and that the Quarrymen are really a hate group trying to make itself seem in the right.

Still, the situation doesn't look good for Goliath; Coldstone (established as the member of the clan least receptive towards humans) is so indignant that he won't even join the rest of the clan to watch the second night of the hearing (and let out a few outbursts during the first night, especially when Renard's secret was exposed), and Lexington is so uneasy that he's considering having the Manhattan clan abandon the city and move to London to live with the clan there. (A similar option was planned for the original ending of "Angels in the Night" – and turned, in the actual episode, into a proposal that the Trio seriously consider but which Goliath rejects – but appears in Gargoyles canon for the first time.) Gnash, normally acting almost teenagerish in his dislike of history classes and clashes with Brooklyn, now seems more childlike, asking his parents if Goliath will be all right. And in desperation – and despite Goliath's protests, Crest calls Elisa to the stand . . .

As Lexington (serving as the narrator in this issue) points out, this development makes things really interesting – and they do indeed. This reviewer looks forward to seeing the results of Elisa's testimony on Goliath's behalf – especially since it will undoubtedly mean revealing (not just to the courtroom, but to everyone watching the proceedings on television) about her secret friendship – and partnership – with the Manhattan clan. We will have to wait and see how it affects the case, and whether Goliath will be freed or not. But this is clearly another moment where things will not be the same for the gargoyles and Elisa again....

Featured Characters and First Appearances

Gargoyles Humans



Matt Bluestone and Elisa Maza's middle names are revealed. Matt's middle name is "Menachem"; Elisa's is "Nichelle" (an obvious reference to Nichelle Nichols, who voiced Elisa's mother Diane).

Angus Canmore was originally created for the proposed but never made Team Atlantis episode "The Last", which would have crossed-over with Gargoyles.

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