Dino Dracon

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Dino Dracon

Dino Dracon is the uncle of Tony and Antoinette Dracon, son of Dominic Dracon and a significant leader in the Dracon crime family.


The Dracons have long been a major criminal family in New York, going all the way back to Dino's father Dominic Dracon in the 1920s, at least, and Dino followed in the family tradition. He developed a reputation for violence and chaotic behavior and found himself in prison. In 1997, Dino was released from the Sing Sing Correctional Facility. Within minutes of being released, Dino assaulted Pal Joey for splashing water on his shoes. Glasses caught him up to speed on the organized crime situation regarding the Five Families, Tomas Brod, and Jack Dane. And, using something he'd read about in prison, Dino quickly began a plan to take back control of the city.

He, Glasses, and Pal Joey assaulted and kidnapped Rosaria Sanchez and Peter Choy (while wearing masks shaped like the heads of Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington) which successfully set Choi Yingpei and Huracan Sanchez against one another. Moments after kidnapping the teenagers, Dino was confronted by Goliath, but the battle was interrupted by the arrival of the Gargoyle Taskforce who subsequently captured the gargoyle leader as Dino escaped. ("Tale Old as Time", "Render Unto Caesar")