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"Outfoxed" is the twenty-seventh televised episode of the series Gargoyles, and the fourteenth episode of Season 2. It originally aired on September 28, 1995.


Main Plot

Fox hires Halcyon Renard's right-hand man, Preston Vogel, to sabotage the Cyberbiotics flying airship Fortress-2 on its maiden voyage so that Fox could gain control of her father's company. Vogel reprograms the cybots that run the ship to change its heading so that it would collide with the Cyberbiotics Tower. Renard ignores Vogel's pleas to abandon the ship, and is determined to save it or die trying. Goliath, who was captured by Renard earlier while following Fortress-2, aids him by disabling the renegade cybots. Vogel chooses to help Renard override the course of the ship at the last minute, having too much respect for the man to destroy him along with the ship

Sub Plots

Travis Marshall interviews Vogel about the Fortress-2, who tells him about the newly patented cybots taking the place of a human crew. It is revealed that Renard had invested his entire company fortune on the ship and he would lose everything if he were to lose it as he had lost Fortress-1.

Goliath follows Fortress-2 by air, afraid that Xanatos had planned to do something to bring it down. He is taken for an enemy and captured by Renard, who believes he was created by Xanatos and Gen-U-Tech labs. Renard reminds Goliath of the damage he and Demona inflicted upon Fortress-1, and manages to persuade him to admit his wrongdoing and apologize. Goliath is released after he helps Renard defend his ship, and offers his friendship.

Xanatos is surprised by Fox's nonchalant attitude and the ruthless way she plans to take over her father's company, but she's nonplussed by his concern.

Goliath forces Vogel to confess his crime and clears his own name from blame for the sabotage of Fortress-2. Renard has become jaded with humanity after Vogel's betrayal, but Goliath reminds him that Vogel made the correct and honorable choice in the end.

Fox isn't upset that the sabotage failed, as she enjoys the game more than the end results, in this case her father's company. Fox breaks into the airship and reveals to Renard that she's pregnant, providing the first indication of Alexander Fox Xanatos.

The Story

Previously on Gargoyles

Act One

At the Eyrie Building, Fox watches Travis Marshall in the TV Room, reporting at the site where Fortress-2 is about to embark on its maiden voyage. Marshall wonders aloud if Fortress-2 will suffer the same fate as Fortress-1, which crashed into the East River a year ago. Marshall declares that while the reclusive CEO of Cyberbiotics, Halcyon Renard, was unavailable for comment, his right-hand man, Preston Vogel, did consent to an interview. Vogel asserts that Fortress-1 was destroyed because of corporate espionage that only succeeded because of the human crew's shortcomings. Fortress-2, however, will be fully automated by the company's newly patented cybots. Vogel explains that, after the airship's initial test flight, human scientists will occupy Fortress-2's research labs, but the crew will be devoid of humans save for Mr. Renard and Mr. Vogel. Travis Marshall asks his last question to Mr. Vogel, wanting to confirm if it was true that Halcyon Renard invested his entire personal fortune into Fortress-2, and if so, are both his and his company's future dependent on the airship's success? Vogel deftly avoids the answer, correcting Marshall that those were two separate questions.

Fox turns off the television, which Xanatos clarifies she doesn't have to on his account. Fox is unfazed, slyly telling her husband that she knows what happens next.

Inside Fortress-2, Vogel reports to Renard that the cybots are ready for launch. Renard reminds Vogel to stay out of the cybots' way; the test flight must not be compromised for any reason. The giant turbines of the airship begin to rotate as red and gray cybots methodically manipulate the controls, allowing Fortress-2 to leave the airfield.

From a distance, Goliath and Elisa watch Fortress-2's take-off. Elisa asks Goliath if keeping a watchful eye over the new airship is necessary, and Goliath replies that there is no underestimating Xanatos, recalling just how he deceived the gargoyle to attack Fortress-1. As Goliath glides off, Elisa says to herself her wish for Goliath to be careful.

As Fortress-2 flies southward over Manhattan, the ship's sensors alert Vogel that Goliath is on their tail (though he himself is unsure how to identify the creature he sees on the screen). Watching Goliath from his own monitor, Renard is unsurprised and orders cybot security to be activated. From the stern of the ship, an initial volley of five yellow cybots fly out to surround Goliath. He tries to reason with the machines by declaring that he is not their enemy, but quickly realizes such an exercise is pointless. He grabs a yellow cybot and hurls it at another, destroying both. More yellow cybots enter the airspace, and while their stun beams miss the gargoyle more often than not, they soon begin to become overwhelming. Goliath is shortly rendered unconscious and begins to plummet from the sky, but not before six of the automatons catch the gargoyle mid-air. They ferry him back to Fortress-2.

Goliath eventually awakens aboard the airship in the brig. As he begins to bend the bars of his cell, two green cybot guards swiftly tase him, propelling the gargoyle backwards to fall on his back. Pneumatic doors slide open and both Renard and Vogel enter the area. In his high-tech wheelchair, Renard quickly concludes that Goliath is one of Gen-U-Tech's "abominable creations" that he has heard about, but Goliath responds that he was neither created nor belongs to anyone – especially Xanatos. Renard chuckles, unconvinced. Goliath demands to know why he is being held prisoner and Renard explains that so long as Goliath is behind bars the gargoyle can't destroy Fortress-2 "for his master". Goliath's irritation grows, protesting once more that he serves no master. Renard remains skeptical, flicking a button from his wheelchair that turns on footage of both Goliath's and Demona's participation in Fortress-1's destruction. Goliath asserts that he is not at fault, that he was duped by Xanatos. Renard's becomes annoyed: the gargoyle now sounds like every employee he's ever fired. Renard will no longer entertain excuses – Goliath must learn to take responsibility for his actions . . . and stop whining. Goliath corrects the elderly CEO that a gargoyles don't whine so much as roar and smashes through his cell's walls, destroying the green cybot guards in the process. Renard doesn't even flinch; he sarcastically tells the gargoyle that he's "trembling" and tases Goliath unconscious once again with another flick of a button from his wheelchair.

Vogel apologizes to Renard for failing to order the cybots to deposit Goliath in Fortress-2's maximum security cell. Renard finds it refreshing that someone can take responsibility for a mistake. While Renard orders the situation to be corrected, Vogel receives a notification that he has an incoming call. Renard allows Vogel to take his call as he leaves to rest in his cabin. Vogel activates the video screen once more and it is Fox on the other end. She asks Vogel if it is safe to talk. Vogel replies that Mr. Renard has never intruded on his privacy, a quality he's always respected about his employer. At any rate, Fox is calling to confirm her down payment successfully transferred to Vogel's Swiss bank account. Vogel reports that it has, and that their operation will proceed tonight as planned . . . with one minor alteration. Fox doesn't like surprises, but Vogel is confident that she will enjoy this one. Red cybots raise Goliath's unconscious body for Fox to see from the monitor and Vogel announces that, for what the two have planned, Goliath will be the perfect candidate to take the blame.

Act Two

Now with his limbs shackled inside the brig's maximum security cell, Goliath continues to maintain his innocence, trying to find a way to convince Renard that Xanatos is to blame. Renard points out that he's not the first to be corrupted by Xanatos, explaining that Owen Burnett and Anton Sevarius were at one time Cyberbiotics employees. Furthermore, he doesn't doubt that Xanatos was behind the attack and that he tricked Goliath into participating. Believing this to be a concession, Goliath is confused; if he isn't responsible, why is he still imprisoned? Renard clarifies that of course he's still responsible – it doesn't matter that he was tricked. Goliath's actions still caused grievous damage. Will Goliath take responsibility for his actions? Goliath ponders another question: what is Renard going to do?

At the Eyrie Building, Fox and Xanatos spar in the gym. Managing to kick her to the ground, Xanatos figures her to be distracted, and casually asks Fox if she has any second thoughts about her hostile takeover of Cyberbiotics. He expresses concern that Fox's plans, if successful, will completely wipe out Renard, noting that he's not a young man anymore. Fox doesn't entertain the thought, pinning Xanatos to the ground. She is confident that Cyberbiotics will be hers by morning. Xanatos's mobile phone rings; after answering it, he gives the phone to Fox, explaining that it's her doctor . . . with test results. Fox maintains this second particular matter must have slipped her mind.

On Fortress-2's command center, Vogel deactivates a gray cybot with a voice-overide. He opens a back panel, inserts a chip, and reactivates the cybot, which now exhibits an arc of electricity around its head. The gray cybot returns to its duties on the deck.

Renard considers his options, figuring his most honorable option would be to turn him over to the authorities. Goliath finds that course of action inequitable for his crimes, confident he would spend the rest of his life as a laboratory specimen. Renard appreciates the progress being made: Goliath finally acknowledges committing a crime.

The gray cybot that Vogel tampered with begins to infect the other automatons, with arcs of electricity spreading from one machine to the next across the entire airship. Vogel watches the progress on his laptop from his cabin, smiling.

Done with excuses, Goliath accepts full responsibility for his actions. Renard is glad Goliath is "gargoyle enough to admit it". Goliath admits the exercise was not easy, and Renard agrees – it is a daily, costly struggle. Renard thinks back to what it has cost him: his Anastasia. His Janine. Goliath adds his own lament for the loss of his "Angel of the Night", and Renard begins to see the gargoyle in a new light. "Well, perhaps you do know after all," he concludes. Goliath registers the debt he now owes Renard, both for his actions in the past and for the education he received tonight. "If the text was not new to me, it was at least worth . . . revisiting," he explains. The warming conversation is cut short as their attention shifts to the green cybots around them, each now infected with the growing arcs of electricity.

With Vogel's laptop now reporting 100%, he receives a video call from Renard, expressing concern about the cybots. Vogel explains to his boss that whatever is happening has affected the cybots across the entire airship, and – what's worse – the infected cybots have changed their heading to the Cyberbiotics Tower in the New York Bay. Vogel then throws blame onto Goliath as the only possible explanation, telling Renard that Goliath must have wanted to be captured so that he could find a way to destroy the airship from within. Renard is stunned when he's been monitoring the gargoyle for much of the night. Vogel doesn't offer any further explanation and redirects Renard to the more pressing issue of abandoning ship and activating Fortress-2's self-destruct mechanism, or both the airship and tower will be destroyed. Such a disaster would ruin Cyberbiotics, but losing the airship alone would also ruin Renard and the company effectively. Vogel offers to take the blame while reminding Renard that they have seven minutes before they hit the Cyberbiotics Tower (which could never be fully evacuated with such little time), and so Renard and Vogel will have six minutes to make it to an escape pod. Vogel will then use his access code to destroy Fortress-2.

Act Three

Goliath insists that he has nothing to do with the current crisis, but all Renard is sure about now is that he is about to be ruined. The gargoyle snaps his chains apart, but tells Renard that only he can get Goliath past the bars. "I helped destroy Fortress-1. Let me help you save Fortress-2," Goliath offers.

Elsewhere on the airship, Vogel runs to the escape pods, opening one up and stepping inside.

"Heaven help us both," grumbles Renard, as he releases Goliath from the cell. The infected cybot guards continue to stun Goliath, but the gargoyle overrides the machines – physically. A door opens and another cybot enters, but Renard destroys it with his own particle beam. Renard reminds the gargoyle they don't have much time and that they need to make it to the command center.

Vogel sees their efforts on the monitor and uses his voice override again, ordering the cybots to 'gently' escort Renard to an escape pod and to destroy Goliath should he get in the way. Goliath manages to keep the path clear of cybots for Renard, but Renard finds the situation intolerable; they'll have to deactivate the machines simultaneously from their power source. Renard shows Goliath where that power station is located on the airship with his wheelchair's monitor, and assures the gargoyle that if they split up, he can alter the ship's course in time.

At the airship's power station, Goliath picks off the robots one at a time, as Fortress-2 gets closer and closer to the Cyberbiotics Tower. Meanwhile, Renard activates a protective blast covering from his wheelchair, destroying cybots as he encounters them and ramming through the debris. Vogel pleads with him from the video monitor: he does not want his boss's death on his conscience, but can't allow the ship to crash into a tower full of innocent people. Vogel argues there's still time to make it to the escape pod . . . still time before he detonates. Renard tells his right-hand man that he doesn't want any innocents hurt, and gives him permission to destroy the ship. But after building the airship together, Renard is adamant: if Fortress-2 goes down, he's going down with it. Vogel sees his boss will not be swayed.

Cybots of all sorts surround Goliath at the power station, but Goliath finally manages to hurl one at the power source, successfully deactivating the robots throughout the airship. Renard marvels at the gargoyle's success as he arrives at the command center. He rolls up to the bridge (thanking Vogel to himself for the extra time he now has) only to realize the flaw in his plan: two men are required for an emergency course override. But Renard is not left dejected for long. Vogel has left the escape pod to assist in the override, teasing Renard that he must have forgotten this detail amongst all the excitement. Renard is relieved that Vogel did not abandon him, with Vogel assuring Renard that he has "that effect" on people. The two alter the course of the airship with just 8.5 seconds to spare.

As Renard celebrates the averted collision, Goliath corners Vogel on the bridge of the command center. Vogel offers his apology for accusing Goliath of sabotaging the cybots and begins to confess his role in the night's events.

In his cabin, Renard contemplates Vogel's confession, concluding that his betrayal is proof that humanity is devoid of integrity. Goliath disagrees: if anything, Vogel's actions are evidence in the foolishness of trusting only single-minded automatons. "Automatons know nothing of betrayal or honor. They know only what they are programmed to know. Only living beings possess the ability to change, and make new choices." Despite his betrayal, Goliath notes that Vogel ultimately chose honor. Renard takes it all in, telling Goliath he has much to consider. One thing he is sure of is that Goliath's debt has been paid in full. A ship for a ship; they are even. Goliath disagrees – they are friends. Renard acknowledges their friendship.

As Goliath glides off into the night, a hang glider makes its way toward Fortress-2. Landing on top of it, the masked individual breaks into the ship, smashing a corrosive substance on the ship's hull. The invader is none other than Fox, who makes her way to Renard at the command center. Renard seems to be expecting her, greeting her solemnly, "Hello, Janine." "Hello, daddy," Fox replies. She is in better spirits than her father, teasing that she almost got him that time. Renard is confused about the convoluted subterfuge; he built Cyberbiotics for her, and would have given the company to her already if she hadn't married "that villain" Xanatos. He'd probably still give it to her, if she just asked him directly. But Fox sees no fun in simply asking for it. Renard sounds more tired now more than ever, failing to understand how his daughter could consider fun to be more important than honor. Fox offers the consolation that perhaps he will have better luck with the next generation. The news leaves Renard stunned as Fox confirms that he's going to be a grandfather.

Leaving her father on the airship, Fox glides away as the sun begins to rise.

Featured Characters and First Appearances

Gargoyles Humans Others



  • "O-on our tail, sir. We have a...I don't know what we have." - Vogel
  • "That stings." - Goliath
  • "No excuses, creature. Learn to take responsibility for your own actions, and stop whining!"
"A gargoyle doesn't whine. He ROARS!" - Renard and Goliath
  • "I am trembling in my chair." - Renard
  • "It's your doctor...with test results?"
"Didn't I mention them? I suppose it slipped my mind." - Xanatos and Fox
  • "No more excuses. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I was wrong."
"I'm glad you're gargoyle enough to admit it." - Goliath and Renard
  • "Integrity is never easy. It's a daily struggle, a costly struggle. If you only knew what it cost me...my Anastasia, my Janine."
"My Angel of the Night."
"Well, perhaps you do know after all." - Renard and Goliath
  • "I helped destroy Fortress-1. Let me help you save Fortress-2." - Goliath
  • "Only living beings possess the ability to change, and make new choices. Ultimately, Vogel chose honor." - Goliath
  • "A ship for a ship. We are even."
"No. We are friends." - Renard and Goliath
  • "Hello, Janine."
"Hello Daddy. Almost got you that time, didn't I?" - Renard and Fox
  • "Well, maybe you'll have better luck relating to the next generation."
"What? What are you s..."
"That's right, Daddy. You're going to be a grandfather." - Fox and Renard


Halcyon Renard and Preston Vogel both appear for the first time. They next appear in "Golem". Also mentioned for the first time is Renard's ex-wife Anastasia, although she does not appear until "Walkabout".

Travis Marshall appears again, to interview Vogel on the eve of Fortress-2's launch.

Renard mentions that Owen and Sevarius were both originally Cyberbiotics employees but were lured away by Xanatos (from what we know of Owen and Sevarius, Xanatos probably didn't have to try very hard).

Renard recognizes Goliath (and gargoyles in general) from video footage of them destroying his facilities in "Awakening: Part Four" and "Awakening: Part Five". He initially assumes that they are creatures that were created by Gen-U-Tech, perhaps in reference to the Mutates (created in "Metamorphosis") or to Thailog (who, we will learn in the episode "Double Jeopardy", has been active for some time).

Fox's original name, Janine Renard, is revealed (though according to "Vows", it is no longer her legal name).

In this episode we learn that Fox is pregnant with Xanatos's child. In "Eye of the Beholder", Xanatos had remarked that he and Fox were "genetically compatible". The child, Alexander Fox Xanatos, will eventually be born in "The Gathering" Part One.


To fill up the half-hour, a clip from "Awakening: Part Five" was added in to show the destruction of Fortress-1 as Goliath reminisces about it to Elisa.

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