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"Revelations" is the twenty-eighth televised episode of the series Gargoyles, and the fifteenth episode of Season 2. It originally aired on October 26, 1995.


Main Plot

Matt Bluestone's suspicions about the Illuminati and Mace Malone turn out to be correct when he locates the man by finding out about his dead wife through his stepson, Jack Dane. Malone offers Matt membership into the Illuminati if he delivers a gargoyle after letting him know of Elisa's connection to them. Elisa finally introduces Matt to the gargoyles, and he and Goliath formulate a plan in secret so that it would seemingly appear that Matt turned Goliath over to Malone at the Hotel Cabal, in order for Matt to obtain proof of the Illuminati's existence. His plan fails when he's forced to prevent Mace from executing Goliath, but to his shock he is later inducted into the Society by his old FBI partner, Martin Hacker.


Matt finds out from Pine Lawn that Malone goes to his wife's tomb every Thursday with a rose. Matt confronts him with his knowledge that Malone had been forced to leave his wife and stepson many years ago because his dealings with organized crime made him a marked man when the criminals found out he had been spying for the Illuminati.

While sneaking into the Hotel Cabal, Goliath and Matt fall down separate chutes that were triggered by Malone. Mace then proceeds to torment Goliath through a loud speaker, presumably to get information from him, and puts him through several dangerous obstacles until Goliath utilizes the key that Matt had given him previously to make his way out. While Matt escapes the hotel with Goliath, Mace loses his key and is trapped and left to die by the Illuminati. [1]

Matt comes close to finding out about the gargoyles when he catches Elisa in a lie and finds their roost in the Clock Tower. He learns the whole truth when Malone tells him of her connection to them, a piece of information that David Xanatos had provided the Illuminati. Matt feels betrayed and angry that Elisa didn't let him in on the secret, and nearly drives her car over a cliff in order to get her to admit about the gargoyles. After Matt becomes an ally to the clan, he asks Elisa why she didn't tell him sooner. She confesses it was because she didn't want to give up the stigma of being the gargoyles' only human friend (which sheds some light on why she hadn't told her family about them until it was absolutely necessary).

It is revealed that Martin Hacker is an Illuminati member and was partnered with Matt by the Illuminati when they were in the FBI together so that Hacker would lead Matt on false trails to the Society. Hacker provided Matt with the information to find Jack Dane in the witness relocation program, believing it would be another dead end. Matt proved him wrong when he finally found Malone. Hacker tells Matt that the Illuminati was impressed with his relentlessness and that he was able to bring a gargoyle to Malone.

The Story

Previously on Gargoyles

Act One

A roof tile slides open in a vacant room inside the Hotel Cabal and Goliath tumbles out of it. "Now, that's what I call an entrance!" a voice from a speaker interjects. Goliath searches for the voice, turning about and calling out to whoever is speaking. From another room, an old man in a dapper suit sits by an elaborate control panel and watches the gargoyle from a computer monitor. Goliath demands answers and the man welcomes him to the Hotel Cabal, flicking a switch which activates steel covers on the room's many windows, attempting to contain Goliath. It does not contain Goliath, who smashes through a wall into another room as the man is happy to share that Goliath is the first gargoyle the hotel is hosting. A steel panel closes the opening Goliath just made, and the octagonal room's roof transforms into eight, sharp spinning blades. The disembodied voice from the speaker chides Goliath about his temper and that he better pace himself. "From here on out, things only go from bad to worse," the old man explains. Goliath races toward a closed door, jumping over a round table. As he grabs the door knob, the entire room's center of gravity begins to shift, and the door knob snaps off the door as Goliath tumbles back toward the table which hasn't moved despite the whole room rotating. "See what I mean?" taunts the speaker, as the spinning blades are now positioned below Goliath. The gargoyle claws at the walls and begins to climb, reaching for the upside-down table. He slips and falls toward the spinning blades, catching himself on the wall once more. A chair falls into the blades and is sliced to splinters.

"It's going to be a bumpy night . . .," the old man comments over the speaker. Seemingly to himself, he notes how majestic Goliath is. But he is not alone. "Goliath is some piece of work all right," drones Matt Bluestone behind the elderly man. The man tells Matt the Illuminati Society will be pleased, commending his efforts as "an excellent Judas". Matt acknowledges the apparent-compliment, but internally he reflects on how much his life has changed in the past twelve hours . . . .

He figures though that it really all began a couple days ago when he checked in on his old FBI partner, Martin Hacker at Central Park. Hacker was on his case, as usual, for devoting time and energy in the very thing that got him kicked off the Bureau. Hacker asks if Matt is trying to lose his job with the police as well, but Bluestone isn't fazed. He asks Hacker if he found anything on Mace Malone's stepson. Hacker dismisses the lead, saying Malone vanished seventy years ago and, in all likelihood, is dead by now. Even if Matt figured out what happened to Malone, how would that prove that the Illuminati exists? Hacker argues. Matt is relentless, and Hacker finally yields, pulling out a slip of paper and complaining the trouble he went through to get Matt's latest lead. As Bluestone reads the details of the note, Hacker explains that Malone's stepson is in the witness relocation program.

Matt is eager to follow up on Malone's stepson, but he was due at the precinct. Standing outside the women's locker room at the station, he sees Captain Chavez walk out. He stops and asks if Elisa was in the restroom, but Chavez hasn't seen her. Matt is at a loss. Her car is out front, but she's nowhere to be found. Chavez explains that she's been in there for the past twenty minutes, and Elisa hasn't. He'll have to keep looking, she figures, walking away. Meanwhile, Elisa exits the closet (after a visit with the Manhattan Clan in the Clock Tower above), and Matt finally spots her as she's shutting the door. Elisa stumbles for an alibi, claiming she was returning a mop. On more solid footing, she explains that the sink in the women's locker room spilled over, and she's spent the last half-hour cleaning it up. Matt is stunned at how blatant her lie to him was. Before he can properly react, Elisa changes the subject: "So you were looking all over for me. Something up?" Matt explains he has a new lead on Mace Malone, but before he can flesh out the details, Elisa shrugs it off, realizing it's another wild goose chase for the Illuminati. As she walks away, Bluestone admits his efforts to share with his partner what he'll be investigating is a hard lesson he learned from barely surviving the Silver Falcon case. But Elisa passing on checking Matt's lead was proof that, like Hacker, she didn't believe in him either.

Later that day, Matt visits the V-Shape Health Club, where an old man working on a lateral pulldown machine has picked Matt out for a federal agent before the detective even gets close. The man insists he's just a retired banker who likes spent his afternoons working out. Bluestone immediately goes on a first-name basis with the old man, calling him Jack, explaining that he's actually here about his mother, the silent film star Flo Dane. Matt shares with him a photo of Jack attending his mother's memorial service in 1980. Matt asks if he sees his step-father anywhere in the photo, but Jack is adamant: Mace Malone was a bum that abandoned them when he was five years old; no one's seen him since. But Matt asks him to look at the back row of another photo he brought. Jack's genuinely surprised when he looks at the circled individual. "It could be him," he admits. Jack's suddenly more receptive to Bluestone's investigation. Bluestone asks where he can find Flo Dane, and Jack explains they laid her to rest at Pine Lawn under her real name, Flora Dreedle. Matt walks off as Jack sends his regards, calling Malone a bum once more.

Sunset at the Clock Tower. Elisa enters, but grows suspicious when she sees the wooden ladder already pulled down. Drawing her gun, she walks up the rungs. She immediately puts her weapon away as soon as she spots Matt standing by the clockwork. Having heard her approach, Matt points out the television set he helped Elisa bring to the station when they met nearly a year ago, pointing out that she said it was for a friend. Elisa "admits" it was actually for her and for her supposed hideaway in the Clock Tower. Matt's not so easily sold, pointing out the books, videos, hot plate, and "enough food for a family of gorillas". Elisa admits to breaking a few regulations, but claims her hideaway is to help her unwind. As the Clock Tower begins to chime, Elisa notes its almost time for their shift and quickly changes the subject to Matt's investigation, wondering if Malone's stepson panned out. Matt shares that, according to the cemetery, an old man comes by every Thursday afternoon to leave a rose on Flora Dreedle's crypt. As Matt resets the drop-down ladder, he admits to Elisa the old man is a longshot, but ever-optimistic, "Tomorrow is Thursday."

The next day, an old man lays a rose at Flora Dreedle's crypt, and Bluestone takes the moment to get his attention, pointing out that the man he believes to be Malone still has a soft spot for Flora even after he disappeared from the world. That's what happens, however, when the Illuminati finds you irreplaceable. The elderly man feigns ignorance, but Matt calls him out directly: nobody knew underground dealings better than Mace Malone. Matt explains that once the gangs realized an outside faction knew about their secrets, Malone's time was up and he had to disappear. But, Bluestone figures, thanks to Malone, the Illuminati was able to become "organized crime's silent partner", enjoying a share of their profits. Turning to Dreedle's crypt once again, the man is dismissive, asking, "Young man, how long have you been plagued by these fanciful delusions?" Not as long as Malone has had the tattoo of the Illuminati's pyramid: "For a man pushing a hundred, you're amazingly well-preserved," Bluestone points out, surmising that the Society must give its members rejuvenation drugs. Taking off his glasses, Malone finally reveals his self, smiling and quipping that Bluestone should see the Illuminati's dental plan.

As the two stroll about the cemetery, Malone shares with the detective that the Society has known about Bluestone for some time, and, despite the roadblocks they've thrown in his constant investigations, he still persevered. Malone is impressed, and shares with Matt that the Society is willing to offer him membership – pending a loyalty test. Matt wants reciprocity; how will the Society prove their good faith in this exercise? Malone offers a bit of information that should be news to Matt Bluestone, information courtesy of David Xanatos, one of the Illuminati's lower-echelon members. This definitely gets Matt's attention.

Later that evening, Elisa and Matt are driving back to the precinct – their shift is almost over. Elisa wonders if Matt's ok, he hasn't spoken all night. Matt insists he drive for a change. Elisa pulls over and they switch seats. Matt takes the wheel while internally, he is fuming. He's still reeling from what Malone told him, feeling betrayed, hurt, and angry at his partner. Elisa hops in and Matt tells her to buckle up. The car squeals back into drive. Elisa braces herself as Matt shares that he saw Mace Malone earlier that day. He not only shared plenty on the Illuminati, but about someone else "who could blow the lid" off another conspiracy. Much. Closer. To. Home. He's barely dodging the guardrails preventing them from going off a cliff. Elisa snaps at him to slow down. Eyes glued to the road, Matt declares that this is the end: "The end of all the lies and deception ––" He finally turns to her, "Only your gargoyles can save us now!"

Elisa is stunned at the revelation as Matt scrapes her side of the car against a guardrail.

Act Two

Waves crash against the cliff below as Elisa takes the wheel from Matt. The car spins a full 360 degrees before coming to a stop before hitting the guardrail. Elisa grabs Matt's trench coat, asking if he's out of his mind, pointing out that he almost killed them both. Matt isn't hearing it, he won't stop until he hears the truth about her and the gargoyles. Getting out of the driver's seat, Matt slams the car door and shouts to the heavens: "I know you're out there! Oh, I know ALL about you – Now show yourselves!!" Elisa turns off the car and exits the vehicle. Elisa approaches him and Matt's ready for another dismissal . . . but Elisa quietly explains that they don't follow her everywhere she goes. Bluestone smiles, practically savoring the validation. Elisa tells him she'll drive this time.

Dawn at the 23rd Precinct. Matt is accusing Elisa of stalling, but she asks him for a little more patience. Elisa tells him to meet back ten minutes before sunset. "You won't be disappointed. I promise."

During the day, Bluestone meets again with Malone, this time on a ferry in the New York Harbor. As a tourist takes in the view of the city, Matt shares with Malone that he's been promised a meeting with the gargoyles that night, acknowledging their act of good faith. Malone reminds him of his loyalty test, and Matt grows impatient and demands to know what he needs to do. Malone pulls out a room key to the Hotel Cabal: "Bring us a gargoyle." Matt wasn't necessarily ready for that.

Hours later, Elisa and Matt are back in the Clock Tower. She opens the door to the balcony and they stand behind the sleeping Manhattan Clan. Matt clearly feels he's being toyed with: "You brought me up here to show me statues?!" Elisa merely instructs him to give the clan room, which doesn't help matters with Matt . . . until stone skin starts to fracture and crack. Goliath bursts from his slumber with a roar, startling Bluestone. Elisa looks on arms crossed and, for all intents and purposes, blasé at the spectacle. The others awaken and Hudson is the first to see they have more company than usual. "So, you finally decided it was time," Goliath tells Elisa. She replies that it was better late than never.

Inside the Clock Tower, Elisa brings Matt up to speed, explaining how the clan have taken an oath to protect the city as they once protected their Castle in Scotland a millennium ago. Broadway and Brooklyn play a video game on the television set as Lexington points out that, unlike the Dark Ages, the humans don't know the gargoyles exist. Hudson shares that they're ok with that. Goliath commends Bluestone for proving his trustworthiness to Elisa. A bit anxious, she asks if he'll keep their secret. Matt assures them he'll keep the secret, but he wants a favor in return. Goliath grows suspicious. "Trust is not a commodity to be bartered for," the gargoyle points out. Matt takes Goliath aside in private, man-to-gargoyle. Out on the balcony, Matt breaks down his favor with Goliath, realizing that the "big guy" was nobody's fool. Before long, Elisa and Hudson come out to be brought into the loop. Matt explains that Malone has an office in an old condemned hotel, with all the street level entrances sealed off. If Goliath can help get him inside, he explains, he might finally have proof to expose the Illuminati. Hudson offers the full support of the clan, but Goliath waves him off; they only need to sneak in and out, so he and Bluestone will suffice. Elisa insists she go along, but Matt disagrees. "If you trust me, Elisa, really trust me, stay out of this." Elisa considers his words for but a moment before she relents.

In the moonlight, Goliath carries Matt to roof of the Hotel Cabal. Matt says he can get past the door, but Goliath has that in common with him, mostly. In contrast to whatever Matt planned, Goliath tears the door off, setting it down beside the door frame. Matt takes the lead, going down the steps. Malone watches the two enter from a video monitor and pushes a button on his control panel. The steps of the stairway suddenly tilt into a chute and a divider appears splitting the fall into two paths, separating the Matt and Goliath.

A roof tile slides open in a vacant room inside the Hotel Cabal and Goliath tumbles out of it. "Now, that's what I call an entrance!" Malone's voice from a speaker interjects. Goliath searches for the voice, turning about and calling out to whoever is speaking. He wants answers. "So do we, Gargoyle. So do we." Malone says to himself. Thuds are heard from the door behind Malone, and he gets up from his chair to open it. Malone opens it to reveal Bluestone, dusting himself off from the fall. Malone asks Matt why he didn't use the key he was given. Matt explains he lost it on the way down, irked that he wasn't warned about the chute. Malone explains that, had Matt known, Goliath might have sensed his hesitancy. Bluestone, however, played his part well, and even more important, the fun can really begin – Malone welcomes Goliath to the Hotel Cabal.

Act Three

Bluestone's recollections have finally returned to the present. "It's going to be a bumpy night . . .," Malone comments over the speaker as Goliath clings to the gravity-defying round table. The spinning blades have begun to grow closer and closer to its prey. Goliath swings himself to the roof (that was once the floor), yanks the table from its foundation, and crashes on the spinning blades, damaging the death trap with brute force. Malone explains the nature of the Hotel Cabal, and how its designed to "decimate one's grip on reality". To make his point, Malone swings the room again, and the room's floor is now roof once again, throwing Goliath into a glide. Malone happily explains that once a captive's defenses are down, he can strip their mind of any valuable information the Society might be interested in. When a guest finally does leave, they're nothing more "than a mindless cretin". Goliath lands to the floor-then-roof-then-floor-once-more and kicks down the door. Malone clearly enjoy getting a rise out of the guests.

Now in a hallway, Goliath sees an open window at the other end. Malone narrates his guest's probable thoughts. Of course the window is too good to be true, but its too much of a temptation. Goliath runs on all-fours, as pairs of doors begin to unleash their attacks. The first set are effectively flame throwers that Goliath leaps over, while the second set are tasers, directly hitting the gargoyle, but fail to subdue him. The final set of doors are a giant steel vise that would have crushed any poor human, but Goliath is able to withstand them and escape their grip. A Goliath finally reaches the window, Malone commends the gargoyle and declares he's earned his freedom . . . except the window is bullet-proof (and likely, gargoyle-proof) think. Malone rubs it in a little further: "Nothing's what it seems at the Hotel Cabal." Little does Malone know, though, how much he is tempting fate, as Goliath pulls from behind his belt Matt's hotel key.

Back at Malone's control room, Malone is astonished by Goliath's fortitude and spirit, declaring him a true warrior and realizing that it might take a bit longer to break him. Matt takes the opportunity to ask what would have happened if he went down the wrong chute. Malone makes it clear that without a hotel key, he would have been subject to the automatic machinations of each room and, in all likelihood, "bouncing off the walls forever". Matt interrupts: he doesn't see Goliath on the video monitor! Malone flips through the various feeds – a hotel room without gravity, the Escher Suite, a hotel room submerged in water and filled with sharks – but Goliath is no where to be found. Suddenly, an alarm sounds. Malone is dumbfounded, no guest of the Hotel Cabal could navigate through the rooms like Goliath must be . . . not unless if he happen to come across Bluestone's hotel key. Realizing that Goliath is no longer subject to each room's designated torture method, Malone figures he'll be out of the hotel in minutes. Matt asks what they can do to stop him, but Malone considers the entire enterprise a wash now. He walks to a cabinet and pulls out a particle beam weapon. Matt tries to reason with the old gangster; what would the Illuminati say? Malone doesn't see much of a choice. "If I wasted a gargoyle? It'll be a black mark. No question of that. I'll be severely reprimanded, but if I allow Goliath to become the first prisoner who ever escaped the Hotel Cabal? The flushing sound you hear will be me and my 75-year pension . . . going down the drain." He uses his key to activate access to a hallway from behind a sliding mirror. Matt follows.

Goliath climbs the service ladder from inside an elevator shaft. Malone and Bluestone walk to an elevator bay and Malone activates a hidden control room with a one-way mirror that looks into the elevator shaft. Malone pulls up a feed of Goliath climbing on the video monitor and activates an elevator car above the gargoyle, cutting him off from his exit. Goliath jumps out of the way and lands on another elevator car, this one going up. But Goliath remains in danger, the car is being pulled up to worm gears fashioned with lethal spikes. The elevator car passes the one-way mirror. Malone still appears he has the situation under control. Matt watches in horror as Goliath approaches the elevator machinery. Goliath jumps out of the way as the elevator car gets chewed up, talons slowing his descent by the service ladder. The gargoyle proceeds his steady climb once more. Through toying with him, Malone aims his weapon at the gargoyle, knowing he can't possibly miss. "It's check-out time, Gargoyle," Malone mutters, but Matt has other plans. He pushes the old gangster into the two-way mirror, shattering it and the two fall down the shaft. Malone loses grip of his particle beam weapon . . . and his hotel key. Goliath sees the two plummet and dives down to save Matt. Most incredibly, Malone saves himself by grabbing the elevator cables. Goliath catches Matt in time and the detective manages to crack, "Going up?" Goliath is, and throws Bluestone on his back, beginning his climb up the elevator shaft for the third time.

Even more incredibly, the hundred year-old Illuminatus manages to climb up the cables and leap back into the once-hidden control room. As Goliath and Matt pass him by, Malone accuses the detective and the gargoyle of working together. Bluestone doesn't correct him. Malone swear vengeance on Bluestone: "Nobody double-crosses Mace Malone – Nobody!" As they continue to climb, Matt wonders how long it'll take before Malone realizes he lost his hotel key.

On the rooftop, Matt realizes that, by saving Goliath's life, he blew his chance to get in deep with the Illuminati. Goliath returns the hotel key Matt gave him earlier, thanking the detective for lending it to him.

As for Mace Malone, he just needs one more door. One more door that isn't completely bricked shut. No one will come to rescue him. That's what happens when the Illuminati finds you replaceable.

Back at the Clock Tower, Matt and Elisa watch the Manhattan Clan prepare to rest for the day. Each take a striking, intimidating pose as the Sun rises. One by one each turns to stone – a truly awesome sight that Matt has never experienced before. Elisa goes back inside the Clock Tower, and Matt asks why he was kept in the dark for so long. Elisa tries to explain that it wasn't that she didn't trust him, but she didn't want to share them. She felt special when she knew she was the only human the gargoyles confided in. Matt kinda gets it; perhaps that's why he chased the Illuminati for so long. Others might have thought he was nuts, but he figures that he at least stood out.

As they exit the broom closet, they run into Captain Chavez who teases that the finally found each other. In a way, they really did.

Matt exits the 23rd Precinct and sees Agent Hacker down on sidewalk. Bluestone wonders what he's doing on this side of town, and Hacker remarks that he's just passing through. He takes one look at Bluestone and expresses that he's been through the ringer. Walking off, Matt quips that Hacker doesn't know the half of it, but Hacker grabs Matt by the shoulder and stops him. "I may know more than you think, Partner. A lot more." He fastens an Illuminati pin on Matt's lapel. Matt is stunned at the revelation – Hacker's been one of them all along? Bluestone threatens to take a swing at his ex-partner. Hacker's actually sympathetic, admitting he's already been floored once by the detective. Hacker explains that he was never supposed to get to Mace Malone. It was why they were even partners back when they were in the FBI together, so that Hacker could ensure Bluestone only chased down dead ends. Jack Dane was supposed to be another dead end, especially when he hadn't seen his stepfather in seventy-one years. Who knew Bluestone could find him with a photograph at Flora Dreedle's memorial service? Matt is still livid, but Hacker makes it clear – he impressed the Society, and he passed their test. He's Illuminati now. Matt grows confused: Goliath escaped, after all. Hacker reminds him that it was Matt's job to bring Goliath to Malone; it's not his fault Malone couldn't hold him.

Walking off, Hacker says he'll see Bluestone again soon. Looking at his new pin, Matt promises he will.

Featured Characters and First Appearances

Gargoyles Humans Others



  • "The Illuminati will be pleased, Mr. Bluestone. You make an excellent Judas."
"It's a gift." - Malone and Matt
  • "If you find Malone, tell him I said he's a bum!" - Jack Dane
  • "All these books; these videos are yours? A hot plate...Enough food for a family of gorillas?" - Matt
  • "How accommodating of the society to provide its senior members with rejuvenation drugs."
"You should see the dental plan." - Matt and Malone
  • "You okay? Our shift's almost over and you haven't said three words all night."
"Let. Me. Drive." - Elisa and Matt
  • "I'm sure you've noticed by now this is no ordinary hotel. The Cabal is designed to decimate one's grip on reality. Once your defenses are down, we step in and strip your mind of its most precious memories and darkest secrets. By the time a guest leaves here, he's little more than a mindless cretin." - Malone
  • "Just, tell me why. Why did you keep me in the dark for so long?"
"It's not that I didn't trust you. I guess...I just didn't want to share them. As long as I was the only human they confided in, it made me feel...special." - Matt and Elisa


The Illuminati's pyramid-and-eye symbol appears again (Mace even has it tattooed on his hand).

Matt Bluestone finally tracks down Mace Malone (whom he had been looking for in "The Silver Falcon") and receives confirmation of the existence of the Illuminati (which he had been looking for even before his introduction in "The Edge").

Matt also discovers that the gargoyles exist, and that |Elisa has been helping to keep them a secret from him. When he finds their living quarters in the Clock Tower, he notices the television set that Elisa carried into the station in "The Edge". He becomes an ally to the Manhattan Clan after this episode.

Martin Hacker, Matt's former FBI partner who appeared in "The Silver Falcon", reappears in the this episode. He is also revealed to be an Illuminatus and inducts Matt into the Society. Hacker and Matt's new dynamic appears is in the Gargoyles comic, "Invitation Only".

Jack Dane appears for the first time in this episode. He reappears in "Turf".


Originally, the episode was considered as a tie-in with Disney's "Tower of Terror" ride, and the Hotel Cabal went by the name of the Hollywood Tower. Disney later on changed its mind, however, while the script was being worked on, and the "Tower of Terror" references were promptly dropped.

For this episode only, Captain Chavez was voiced by Elisa Gabrielli (who also played Obsidiana in "The Green"), rather than her usual voice actress Rachel Ticotin. (Elisa Gabrielli reprised Chavez's role in the Radio Play at the 2009 Gathering.)

Mace Malone's hotel key has the number 23 on it, a number that has frequently featured in conspiracy theories. [2] Matt's hotel key has the number 13 on it, an ironic touch, since it certainly does not bring him and Goliath bad luck.

One of the rooms in the Hotel Cabal that Malone flips through on his video monitor is a nod to M.C. Escher's 1953 lithograph, Relativity. [3]

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