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"Avalon" Part Three is the thirty-sixth televised episode of the series Gargoyles, and the twenty-third episode of Season 2. It originally aired on November 22, 1995.


The Story

Previously on Gargoyles

Act One

Goliath, Angela, and Gabriel dash toward the Grotto on all fours at a fast clip. Gabriel suddenly stops and stands upright. He's heard something, but Goliath and Angela did not. With no time to waste, Goliath instructs Angela and Gabriel to continue their mission to retrieve the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate; he'll stay behind to act as a diversion. Demona sees Goliath but continues to pursue the two young warriors instead. "Jalapeña", Goliath mutters, as he realizes the ruse will not work.

At Oberon's Palace, Princess Katharine and the Magus tell Elisa what little they know about the Sleeping King. The two are uneasy when Elisa asks them how to get to his Hollow Hill, but she reminds them all that they have no other choice. Guardian agrees with Elisa and prepares to go there alone, but with a look to the Princess, the Magus insists that he should be the one. Elisa joins the Magus, reminding everyone that it was her idea.

Gabriel and Angela arrive at the Grotto, careful to hide behind the brush. The two can see the Archmage and the Weird Sisters. A particle beam cannon butts against Angela's back. The two are soon cornered by Demona and Macbeth (both still entranced) but Goliath steps in just in time to knock Demona's cannon out of Gabriel and Angela's path. Goliath announces that the two young gargoyles are, in fact, the Wyvern Clan's children, pleading with Demona that her hatred towards humanity should not extend to gargoyles. He also calls out to Macbeth, reminding him that personal sense of honor would prevent him from attacking innocents. The two begin to start to come out of the spell holding them captive as Goliath tries to make them realize the Archmage is using them. It's at this moment that the Archmage bursts from the Phoenix Gate's flames. He applauds Goliath for trying to appeal to their better natures, but it won't work as they are now his creatures to control. Both immortals, human and gargoyle, revert to their trance. The Archmage declares he has "great plans" for Goliath, but orders Demona and Macbeth to dispose of Angela and Gabriel. Before they can, Bronx and one of the Avalon Clan's beasts pounce on all three aggressors. Angela jumps in, grabbing the Archmage's skullcap to remove the Eye of Odin from his head, but the magical energies subdue them both. The effort proves unsuccessful, and Gabriel urges Angela to flee. The Archmage is now enraged and changes tactics: "I generously allowed them to live until dawn, but if they are so eager to die––!" and the three vanish in the Phoenix Gate's flames.

Elsewhere on the island, Elisa tries to keep up with the much-older Magus, who is used to being on his own. Elisa wonders how the Princess and Guardian fit into that sentiment, figuring they were all one big happy family from what she learned from Tom. The Magus agrees that it started off that way; that finally feeling safe the moment they arrived on Avalon, they lived innocent as children. Memories of the Magus making Katharine a lyre and Tom making the Princess a flower necklace surface. As the three grew older, the Magus tells Elisa that Katharine began to rely on Tom more than she once did with the Magus. After "The Eggs" hatched, the two raised the gargoyles as husband-and-wife. Elisa asks the Magus that if he still loved the Princess, why didn't he fight for her? But the Magus long ago concluded that, without the Grimorum Arcanorum, he had nothing to offer her. As they arrive at the Hollow Hill, Elisa wonders then why he stayed all these years. The Magus tells her that he owed it to Goliath to help raise "The Eggs" as a penance for what he did to the surviving gargoyles on the night of the Wyvern Massacre.

The two walk up the stone steps to the Hollow Hill, which opens onto a small cave, roughly hewed out and filled with stalactites. Elisa admits to expecting "something grander"; the two continue to walk and finally see the legendary tomb lit by nightlight from above: the Sleeping King on a raised bier surrounded by a great chasm. Niches fill the sides of the Hollow Hill, depicting knights with heraldic emblems above them. A single bridge spanning the chasm to the bier is guarded by two gargoyle-looking statues. The two begin to cross the bridge and empty iron suits of armor begin to magically walk toward them, with their swords ready to strike. Elisa fires her pistol at the suits of armor, even knocking a helmet off, but it does not stop them. All of a sudden, the Magus magically comes to her aid, reciting:

Armored warriors who would stay
Upon the winds of yesterday
You have discharged your promise bold,
So sleep you now! Grow still! Grow cold!

He collapses on the bridge, drained. Elisa is stunned. She thought the Magus had lost his magic, which he admits he did, centuries ago. "But magic is the lifeblood of Avalon," he explains, and with his training he can tap that energy at its source, especially inside the Hollow Hill. But, without a conduit to that source, like he once had with the Grimorum, the ability to do so is difficult, and he wonders if he could pull off the feat again. Elisa begins to walk across the bridge a second time, with the Magus still recovering, leaning heavily on his staff. A few steps past the fallen pieces of armor, the bridge suddenly breaks apart in front of Elisa. She asks the Magus what to do and he tells her that a "leap of faith" is required. She steels herself, backs up to get a running start and makes the jump, landing at the center of the Hill. She turns around and sees the bridge intact as it originally was. A low rumbling diverts her attention to the raised bier: the platform is beginning to lower. Elisa walks up to the Sleeping King now resting at her level.

Elisa simply states, "Arthur Pendragon, King of all Britain. You are needed."

Magical energies surround and swirl around King Arthur. He awakens.

Act Two

At Oberon's Palace, Angela commends Bronx and Boudicca for following and rescuing them. The doors of the hall suddenly open and Arthur Pendragon enters, followed by the Magus and Elisa. Everyone inside is stunned, and Elisa explains to Goliath that despite all the times he encountered Demona and Macbeth, he's never actually defeated them. Goliath agrees, acknowledging that he's only foiled their plans or fought them to a draw. Considering they are two of the greatest warriors of all time, they needed the greatest that ever lived, period. King Arthur finds these sentiments flattering, but asks to anyone that would answer, "What is going on?"

Back at the Grotto, the Archmage fumes that he's been too complacent. Selene reports that Demona and Macbeth are on their way to the Palace. While their enthralled soldiers take out the mortals there, the Weird Sisters are to dispatch the Sleeping King. Luna asks the Archmage what he will do while they do his bidding. He replies that he will eagerly await for Goliath.

Back at the Palace, Princess Katharine asks King Arthur if he will help them. He tells her that he's been awakened early. He does not have Excalibur, nor his knights of the Round Table, nor Merlin. Yet he recognizes they are in great need, and agrees to do what he can. Gabriel bursts in to report that Demona and Macbeth have been spotted in the orchard. The Magus is indignant – he knew the Archmage would not wait till dawn. Goliath admits that he might have, if not for his failed attempt to take the Eye and Gate. Arthur reminds everyone that this can work in their favor. With Guardian and Gabriel and Elisa, he will lead them against those advancing toward the Palace. Goliath is prepared to take on the Archmage: "I'm the one he wants," he reasons. Angela insists that she go with Goliath, and he agrees. Arthur asks everyone else to stay in the Palace and protect the wounded. Princess Katharine vows that their foes will not harm her "Eggs" again. That will leave just the Weird Sisters. "Leave them to me," the Magus interjects.

In the orchard, a single shot from Elisa distracts Demona who fires at the detective and Guardian. Gabriel strikes her in mid-air and she crashes to the ground. The impact of Gabriel's strike also hurts Macbeth. Guardian tries to pin down Demona, but she throws him off, grabbing her firearm once more. Gabriel swoops in again, knocking Demona and hurting Macbeth simultaneously. Macbeth fires his Lightning Gun at Arthur, who dodges behind an apple tree. "What manner of magic is this?," Arthur comments on the modern weaponry, and Macbeth coldly utters, "It is your death," felling the tree with another shot. Macbeth is ambushed by Arthur as he inspect the fallen tree. The Scottish King asks his opponent who he is, and the newly awakened British King replies, "I am Arthur Pendragon." Even enchanted, Macbeth can't help but jab how he always wondered how he "would stand up against the best". A short distance away, Gabriel is knocked into a tree by Demona, but Elisa manages to kick her down, causing Macbeth to wince. This allows Arthur the chance to pin Macbeth to the ground, and he realizes that their blows effect both their opponents. In order mitigate the impact of these attacks upon link, she glides off. With Macbeth beginning to free himself from his grip, Arthur instructs the others to stop Demona before she makes it to the Palace. She fires her cannon at Gabriel, hitting his left wing, and Guardian and Elisa are unable to stop her before she is airborne.

Outside the Hollow Hill, the Magus calmly waits for the Weird Sisters, sitting with his legs crossed. Phoebe taunts the Magus, asking if he chose this site to be his grave. Selene argues that the Magus is no match for the three of them, and Luna plainly comments, "There is no future for you." He swings his staff at the Sisters, who grow incredulous. No piece of wood can harm them, and further, they comment how he has no magic on Avalon. The Magus counters, reciting:

Mystical Avalon, hear my plea:
Fill me with your energy!

He strikes a stone, gathering magical energy from the island and releases it upon the Weird Sisters, hurting them. Luna accuses the Magus of stealing power from stealing from the land of their "birth" and the three declare in unison that he will suffer, their combined energies striking the Magus.

Demona glides toward the Palace walls, dodging the arrows fired from the gargoyles of the Avalon Clan still able-bodied enough to fight. She fires her particle beam cannon at the Palace defenders, knocking them off the battlements. Demona lands and hears the snarls of both Bronx and Boudicca coming at her from right and left. She jumps down from the wall and into the castle grounds. She makes her way into the hall where Princess Katharine is tending to the wounded gargoyles. One female gargoyle, still very much injured, attempts to stop her, but Demona just flings her across the hall. Katharine pleads with Demona, trying to remind her that these gargoyles are her children. Demona doesn't break from her spell, but continues to take aim, eyes glowing.

Macbeth and Arthur continue to fight; Arthur knocks Macbeth's gun from his hand, but Macbeth kicks Arthur to the ground, pinning him with a freshly drawn sword.

At the Grotto, the Archmage manipulates the elements around him. He hears Goliath's roar and is ready to trounce him as soon as the gargoyle swoops in.

Before Demona can fire at the Princess and hurt gargoyles, Gabriel jumps in from a open-air window, knocking Demona to the ground. Guardian walks in to shield Katharine. Still enchanted, Demona relishes killing them all together, but Elisa distracts her, firing her last shot at Demona. Demona chooses to face Elisa first, and the two begin to struggle against each other on the ground. Pinning Elisa to the ground, Demona is ready to claw at the human, who is holding the gargoyle back with every ounce of her strength.

At the Grotto, the Archmage begins the painful death he planned for Goliath, gloating that he's waited a millennium for this. "And it was worth the wait," he adds, with a malicious chuckle.

Act Three

At Oberon's Palace, Elisa and Demona continue to struggle on the ground. Gabriel and Guardian run to Elisa's aid, throwing Demona off Elisa and pinning her to the ground. As the two struggle to hold her down, Demona kicks with her feet, further slashing at Gabriel's already-injured wing. Elisa joins Guardian in his efforts to secure Demona, who threatens to destroy everyone while reaching for her particle beam cannon. Bronx and Boudicca enter the hall, and Boudicca kicks the cannon to Princess Katharine's feet. The Princess has had enough of Demona's threats and takes the firearm, ordering everyone to get clear. Katharine fires at the stone wall above Demona's head, burying the gargoyle in a deluge of rubble, which finally knocks her out. "No one threatens my 'Eggs'!" the Princess remarks to the stunned looks of those around her.

Outside the Hollow Hill, the Magus can barely withstand the force of the Weird Sister's combined might. He manages to distract them by diverting some of their energies to destroy a stone behind them. As they look away from him, he then directs some of that same energy back at the Sisters, pushing them over the nearby waters and dropping them in with a splash. They stand in the knee-high water and gather the island's energies once more. "Avalon! Aid your children!" they cry out, storm clouds gathering above the once clear night sky. A gale of wind is directed at the Magus, who is thrown by the force. Mid-air he stabs his staff into the ground and transforms that staff into a full-grown tree to shield him from the elements. Lightning strikes the tree, splitting it into two and setting the wood on the fire. Behind the flames, the Magus races inside the Hollow Hill. The Weird Sisters hover over the flames, continuing to pursue their prey.

In the orchard, King Arthur manages to dodge Macbeth's sword, who strikes a tree instead. He swings his mace at Macbeth, landing a body blow that throws Macbeth several feet. Macbeth gets back on his feet and charges at Arthur. Arthur swings his mace as Macbeth swings his sword and shatters the blade. Arthur then rushes Macbeth, knocking him into a tree with apples raining down on them both from the force of the impact. Arthur takes the broken sword hilt and pins Macbeth to the apple tree before delivering the final knockout punch.

Inside the Hollow Hill, the Magus struggles to get to the center bier, climbing up onto the platform where Arthur Pendragon once slept. The Weird Sisters are not far behind. Selene is adamant that the old sorcerer only delays the inevitable. Phoebe sees the platform empty and asks where the Sleeping King is. The Magus musters the last of his energy, reciting:

Iron armor, swords and riches,
Form a chain to bind these witches!

His spell hits the empty suits of armor he and Elisa encountered earlier that night, transforming it into chains that finally traps the Weird Sisters. His body crashes onto the bier, the arm that cast his last attack still outstretched before falling.

At the Grotto, the Archmage reminds Goliath that he's not the weakling that was defeated in 984. He could destroy Goliath with a word. Riled up with the taunts, Goliath demands to know why the Archmage doesn't just kill him already. The Archmage's reasons are obvious to him – he's having too much fun. Hurting the gargoyle with another magical blow, he doesn't see Angela swoop in to knock him to the ground. The Archmage grabs Angela's head and subjects her to the same magical pains he threw at Goliath. Goliath attacks the Archmage mid-glide and the two roll down the hill to the island's shoreline. Goliath comes to first and attempts to take the Eye of Odin from the Archmage's skullcap. The Archmage grabs Goliath's arm and throws the gargoyle off him into the river waters. He then traps Goliath underwater, freezing the river. The Archmage takes the time to watch Goliath struggle and sink under the ice, before the gargoyle gains enough momentum to crash through the frozen barrier and attempt the Eye from the Archmage once more. The Archmage activates the Phoenix Gate on his chest, and the two are transported through time and space, popping around the frozen river several times before Goliath flings the Archmage by the head back onto the shore, the Eye of Odin finally in the gargoyle's hand.

"You lose again, Archmage," Goliath gravely tells him, still face down on the hill. The Archmage comes to, now lacking his skull cap and his beard restored to its original length before he became enhanced from the Eye of Odin. The Archmage calls Goliath a fool, reminding him he still has the Phoenix Gate and that the Grimorum Arcanorum is a part of him, forever. But, without the Eye of Odin, the Grimorum begins burning him up from the inside out. As his body and bones are destroyed in the powerful energies beyond his control, the Archmage cries out in pain and utters his final words, "All my lovely magic . . ."

Only the Phoenix Gate remains intact from the magical flames. "It is over," Goliath concludes, but he hears Angela gasp from the Grotto. In its waters, she sees the Magus in the Hollow Hill.

"Oh Magus, what have you done?" Princess Katharine asks the dying Magus. All the heroes that fought off the Archmage and his allies are at his side inside the Hollow Hill. The Weird Sisters look on, still in chains. The Magus tries to speak, but Katharine shushes him, telling the Magus they'll get him back to the Palace, with every hope he'll recover. The Magus shakes his head at her, saying "I think I should like to stay here." Goliath steps forward, telling the Magus he owes him a great debt. The Magus raises his head in disbelief: he's the one that cursed Goliath's clan. But Goliath corrects him: the Magus saved his children. The Magus lies back down. He is so tired; he would like to rest. Tearing up, Katharine tells him that he can't leave her now.

"Never, my Princess."

Katharine cries over the dead Magus. A shooting star streaks across the opening in the Hollow Hill's domed ceiling.

On the shores of Avalon, Gabriel tells Goliath that the rest of the Avalon Clan is already rebuilding the Palace and invites Goliath's clan to join them on Avalon. Goliath turns him down, explaining that his clan must learn to live together with humanity if there is any hope for gargoyles outside of Avalon. Angela then announces that she wants to journey with Goliath back to Manhattan, and he shares with her that while such a decision could be dangerous, she would be "welcome company". Angela is eager to see the world and discover her place in it, but before departing she goes to Gabriel. He agrees with her dreams but will nevertheless miss his rookery sister.

Elisa asks King Arthur what he plans to do and Arthur shares the same desire to explore "this new world", but insists he will travel alone - to appear "a bit less conspicuous", as he claims a skiff. Goliath laughs heartily at the sentiment and invites him to look up the Manhattan Clan should he arrive on that island. Arthur jumps on the skiff and pushes off into the mists, waving goodbye.

Goliath turns to the skiff occupied by Demona and Macbeth, still restrained by members of the Avalon Clan. He tells the ensnared Weird Sisters to release his perennial foes. Demona and Macbeth lose consciousness on the skiff as Goliath pushes them off into the mists. Selene explains they'll have no memories of what transpired for several weeks. Phoebe reminds Goliath of what he promised the Sisters if they did as he asked them to and he breaks the iron chains holding them captive. The Weird Sisters disappear in a column of flames, Boudicca and Bronx sniffing at the remaining smoke.

Bronx hops on to the remaining skiff as Princess Katharine says her thanks to Goliath and goodbyes to Elisa and Angela. Goliath shares his goodbye to Gabriel as he wishes good luck to them all. Bronx and Boudicca share one last moment together before Goliath pushes off from the shore.

As Goliath takes the skiff's oar, Elisa sees a pouch containing the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate. "Souvenirs?" she teases. Goliath replies that he is personally going to ensure that the remaining two talismans are never used again. Elisa's fine with that. Her only goal is get back to New York as soon as possible. Guardian overhears her from the shore and calls out, "Elisa, I thought you understood: Avalon does not take you where you WANT to go. Avalon SENDS you where you need to be!"

Elisa grows troubled. "Wait a minute, what does he mean, 'where we need to be'?"

They disappear in the mists.

Featured Characters and First Appearances

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  • "I generously allowed them to live until dawn, but if they are so eager to die––!" - The Archmage
  • "There is no future for you." - Luna to the Magus
  • "No one threatens my 'Eggs'!" - Princess Katharine
  • "Elisa, I thought you understood: Avalon does not take you where you WANT to go. Avalon SENDS you where you need to be!" - Guardian


King Arthur is introduced in this episode, although he was mentioned in "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" (as King Arthur) and in "Avalon" Part Two (as the Sleeping King). Arthur states that he was awakened earlier than was intended, a statement reinforced by the Stone of Destiny and the Lady of the Lake in "Pendragon". In "Rock of Ages", it is hinted that Arthur was originally supposed to awaken in time for the Space-Spawn invasion in 2198.

Both the Archmage and the Magus die.

Of the Three Keys to Power, the Grimorum Arcanorum is destroyed in this episode. Goliath takes the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate so that they do not fall into the wrong hands. He will possess the Eye until "Eye of the Storm", and the Gate until "Future Tense". Demona will not learn of their combined fates for another year-and-a-half until "Everywhere".

Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx embark on the Avalon World Tour in this episode. It will eventually conclude in "The Gathering" Part One.

Demona and Macbeth are released from the Weird Sisters' spell, which they have been under since "City of Stone" Part Four. The two of them are sent to the mortal world on a skiff together, and will next appear in "Sanctuary".


Boudicca, the Avalon Clan's gargoyle beast, is first named in the dialogue here. She shares her name with that of another historical figure. Presumably all that Princess Katharine, the Magus, and Tom knew of her namesake was that she was a brave warrior-queen; the historical Boudicca's career almost evokes that of Demona, in the sense of fighting back against an oppressor with deeds just as bloodthirsty and brutal as the original wrongs.

Originally, Greg Weisman considered having the Magus survive the battle and leave with King Arthur afterwards. He changed his mind when he realized that one of Arthur's activities after leaving Avalon was to find Merlin, and did not want to wind up having Arthur with two wizards in his following; after rejecting this original fate for the Magus, he quickly developed the idea of having him die in the battle as a sign of the cost of war.

The flashback scenes accompanying the Magus' story to Elisa of how Katharine and Tom fell in love have gained much controversy among Gargoyles fans, for they have been claimed to show Katharine and Tom playing with "toddler" versions of Gabriel, Angela, and Boudicca in the daytime – obviously impossible! In fact, a closer look at this scene shows that it is taking place at night; however, it is immediately preceded by a daytime scene of Katharine and Tom together as the Magus looks sadly on. Perhaps fan memories unwittingly combined the two scenes.

Incidentally, in the first of these flashbacks (set when Tom is still a small boy), Tom is shown wearing his old peasant boy garments from "Awakening", even though, during the journey to Avalon, he was wearing his Guardian uniform instead. (Maybe he took along a change of clothes?)

The battle between Macbeth and King Arthur takes place in an apple orchard – an appropriate piece of topography for Avalon, since its name means "island of apples."

The Weird Sisters are bound by the Magus's chains with their backs to each other and the chains wrapped all of them together. When they explain that Macbeth and Demona won't remember anything from when they were controlled and tell Goliath to keep his part of their bargain, they are seen facing each other inward and have cuffs binding their hands with the glow of the chains beneath them.

Toon Disney/Disney XD Edits

A bit of the battle between Macbeth and King Arthur is cut out.

DVD Release


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