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"The Journey" is the first episode of the non-canonical The Goliath Chronicles, and the 66th televised episode of the series. It originally aired on September 7, 1996. It was later adapted into the first two issues of the canonical SLG comic book series, "Nightwatch" and "The Journey".

Opening Monologue

"Now that the existence of gargoyles has been revealed to humans, our fate lies in the balance. Will we join together and embark in a journey of hope, or will we be engulfed by the flames of fear and hatred? The time has come to choose." (Greg Weisman, the writer of this episode, did not write this monologue. It was tacked onto his work by others.) [1][2]


While the Manhattan Clan tries to adapt to their new surroundings and circumstances, having only recently been returned to the Eyrie Building, the public is still taking in the very existence of gargoyles. Most people (including Vinnie) are already set against them. From this prejudice, the "Quarrymen" movement arises, led by John Castaway. While Goliath visits Elisa, eventually winding up frozen outside of her apartment window, Castaway holds a Quarrymen rally. He preys on the people's fear of the unknown, and of being alone against the world, inviting them to join the Quarrymen - to "grab a hood, grab a hammer", and destroy the gargoyles.

Elisa awakens late that day to Goliath still outside her window - a statue that the Quarrymen, watching from a helicopter, see as well. Just before one of them can destroy it with an electrified sledgehammer, Elisa (now dressed) tackles him away, but is forced back by Quarrywoman with a gun. Fortunately, her attack buys just enough time for Goliath to awaken, fight off the Quarrymen, and get them both out of there, with the helicopter in pursuit, firing at them - and finally hitting Goliath's wing, sending them both spiraling down.

Goliath, stabilizing himself, lands on top of a building broadcasting a debate between Margot Yale and "Lennox Macduff", who are arguing over the sentience and overall nature of gargoyles. Goliath can no longer glide, but begins traveling from rooftop to rooftop to the Eyrie Building. They get as far as the ruins of the police station when the Quarrymen finally catch up, storming the building, Vinnie among them.

Together, Elisa and Goliath evade and subdue them one by one, all the way up to the clock tower itself - but Castaway personally catches Goliath by surprise, accompanied by Vinnie, who holds Elisa and keeps her from interfering in the fight. Wielding a Quarrymen sledgehammer, Castaway shocks Goliath and drives him to the tower's edge. Vinnie tries to stop Castaway from finishing his quarry, especially after learning that he has similar plans for Elisa. Angered, Castaway nearly kills Vinnie, but he is saved in turn by Goliath. The tables turned against him, the Quarrymen's leader makes one final, desperate attack, ending in his falling off of the tower - and catching onto his helicopter's ladder as he falls, telling Goliath to "dream of me!" as he flies away.

Vinnie leaves, noting that he has gotten a security job in Japan, leaving Goliath and Elisa to wonder exactly who he was, and whether he knows if there are gargoyles in Japan, as well. Together, they fly off into the night.

First Appearances






Duval is mentioned for the first time.

Broadway and Angela officially declare their love for one another.


  • According to Weisman, his script of "The Journey" was "altered considerably for Goliath Chronicles." [3] In particular, the opening monologue was added by other writers, scenes were reordered and errors were made in continuity. For example, Goliath glides away in the final scene, despite making a point earlier in the episode that his wing injury meant he could not glide. [4]
  • Several characters were re-cast in this episode, including Margot Yale (now voiced by Tress MacNeille, previously by Marina Sirtis), Billy's Mom (now voiced by B.J. Ward, previously by Salli Richardson) and the Jogger (now voiced by Tom Wilson, previously by Pat Fraley). Why the new production staff of The Goliath Chronicles decided to make these changes is unknown.
  • Erin Weisman, Greg's daughter, was the voice of baby Alex. [5]

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