Gargoyles 2024: The Movie

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"Gargoyles 2024: The Movie" was a Radio Play produced for CONvergence 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was performed on July 6th, 2024 as part of the 30th anniversary celebration of Gargoyles. Unlike the previous recent Radio Plays, this story is NOT a (direct) crossover between various properties but instead a non-canonical version of events taking place during the Quest arc of the recent Dynamite comics.


Previously on Gargoyles

Act One - July 21st, 1997

After some heckling concerning the nature of the premise, we proceed to Vinnie Grigori meeting with the entire Manhattan Clan to discuss the making of a fictional movie about them. The creators intend for it to be set in 2024, the thirtieth anniversary of the Clan's awakening, a time frame in which those in charge hope things in the Big Apple will be much less partisan and divided (Brooklyn offers no comment). As the synergy era is over, the plan is not to focus on Elisa and Goliath's Beauty and the Beast dynamic, but a fictional love triangle (NOT between Angela, Brooklyn, and Broadway at Greg Weisman's insistence) between Angela, Lexington, and a human. Angela repeats her distaste for being fought over and Lex admits Angela really isn't his type. However, Vinnie reveals they're fighting over the human character. The Clan as a whole voices an overall lack of appeal over such a thing, Lexington even stating he could never fall for a human, telling Goliath no offense. Goliath himself says it required some adjustment for him, but when Elisa tries to claim the same, she's forced to admit she was hot for Goliath the moment she heard his voice. Lexington still insists it's not believable but is quickly convinced when Vinnie says they're getting Ryan Gosling for the role. As Act One concludes, Shari opens a commercial break which advertises the week's upcoming episode of Celebrity Hockey.

Act Two - some nights later

Fu-Dog and Bronx have a discussion about the weakness of the movie's script, saying how no one can write Gargoyles except Greg Weisman...except Michael Reaves, Brynne Chandler Reaves, Gary Sperling, Cary Bates, Lydia C. Marano, and many more. The two discuss in particular how they're basically being depicted poorly and far too much like typical canines, to which an audience heckler yells "Squirrel!" and distracts them both. Egwardo chimes in expressing distaste for getting absolutely no lines and Greg tells all three characters they're welcome for getting to talk (and the heckler yells "Squirrel!" once again). We then cut to the top floor of Nightstone Unlimited where Thailog, Dr. Sevarius, and Brentwood are informed of the film by Shari. While Anton is almost giddy at possibly being involved (Shari strings him along for a bit but quickly deflates him), Thailog tells Shari to get him a copy of the script as he wants full approval. At the same time, Lex, Broadway, Angela, and Gnash arrive at a Slaughter Films sound stage in Brooklyn (the borough, not the gargoyle, who proceeds to mess with Greg Weisman a bit, leading to him expressing exasperation at both him and the heckler). Izaak Slaughter reveals his "completely legitimate" film company is the American co-producer of the film alongside Bushido Pictures in Japan. Their actual human co-star is also revealed - Ryan St. John, former lead actor on a Pendragon film and currently on two series both competing on Celebrity Hockey simultaneously. The Spectacular Spider-Men comic book is plugged by the characters as Lexington wonders who writes it, looking at Weisman with disgust. However, Izaak Slaughter says no one in the business cares about the writer. Greg protests, saying he's right there, and Vinnie gives him a latte order to get. Ryan expresses his honor to be on the film while Angela and Lexington make it clear neither find him particularly attractive. However, Vinnie says the script has been changed to make him more sympathetic - Ryan's now also the adoptive father of Gnash. As they all go off to discuss the new pages of the script, Izaak Slaughter briefly calls Antoinette Dracon to report everything is in place. Antoinette forwards this news on via her garishly large cell phone to the real puppet master . . . Demona. Act Two breaks this time with Shari leading into a commercial trailer for the upcoming film.

Act Three - some time later


  • The teams mentioned as part of Celebrity Hockey are the Young Justice Furies (Furies likely being the intended name for Season 5), The Spectacular Spider-Men, and the cast of Black Manta's Celebrity Hot Tub, the only form of crossover for this Radio Play.
  • Not only did Ryan Gosling pass on the film in favor of a Darkwing Duck movie, they also failed to get Ryan Reynolds who insisted on a Goliath/Deadpool team-up.
  • Ryan St. John is a reference to King Arthur's voice actor in the series, John St. Ryan. He's also listed as having lead roles on the in-universe versions of Young Justice: Furies and The Spectacular Spider-Men.
  • The latte order Vinnie gives to Greg Weisman is Peter Parker's usual from The Spectacular Spider-Men #1 & #2.
  • Shari yanks Sevarius's chain claiming there's a mad scientist role for him in the film which is a BLATANT Rocky Horror Picture Show reference in honor of Tim Curry's performance in that film. This is reiterated later when Sevarius sings "Let's do the Time Warp again!" towards the end.


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