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This page contains a list of all Gargoyles episodes. Note that, here, "episodes" is taken to mean all episodic stories set within the Gargoyles Universe, whether they are televised or released in another format, such as comic book issues.

Canon episodes

The following episodes are part of the show's canon, according to creator Greg Weisman. These include the original sixty-five televised episodes of the series (produced by Disney under the name Gargoyles), eighteen comic book & spin-off issues from Slave Labor Graphics and new comic book issues from Dynamite Entertainment.

Season 1 episodes

The first series, comprising thirteen episodes, serves as an introduction to the Gargoyles Universe. After their clan is massacred in 10th century Scotland, six gargoyles, led by Goliath, are frozen in stone for one thousand years and awakened again in Manhattan in 1994. During the season, they come to terms with their new surroundings, establish themselves as a new Manhattan Clan of gargoyles, and establish Manhattan as their new protectorate.

  1. "Awakening: Part One"
  2. "Awakening: Part Two"
  3. "Awakening: Part Three"
  4. "Awakening: Part Four"
  5. "Awakening: Part Five"
  6. "The Thrill of the Hunt"
  7. "Temptation"
  8. "Deadly Force"
  9. "Enter Macbeth"
  10. "The Edge"
  11. "Long Way To Morning"
  12. "Her Brother's Keeper"
  13. "Reawakening"

Season 2 episodes

Fifty-two new episodes were produced for the show's second season, and the creators took on the job of expanding the Gargoyles Universe. Many new characters were introduced, both allies and antagonists of the Manhattan Clan, as well as many new locations (much of the latter half of the season was occupied with the Avalon World Tour, taking a handful of characters to every corner of the globe). Even more so than the first season, this season relied heavily on strong continuity, and many characters were drastically changed by its finale. Additionally, all episodes started off with a Previously on Gargoyles which was used beforehand with Parts 2-5 of "Awakening" and "Enter Macbeth".

  1. "Leader of the Pack"
  2. "Metamorphosis"
  3. "Legion"
  4. "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time"
  5. "The Mirror"
  6. "The Silver Falcon"
  7. "Eye of the Beholder"
  8. "Vows"
  9. "City of Stone" Part One
  10. "City of Stone" Part Two
  11. "City of Stone" Part Three
  12. "City of Stone" Part Four
  13. "High Noon"
  14. "Outfoxed"
  15. "Revelations"
  16. "Double Jeopardy"
  17. "Upgrade"
  18. "Protection"
  19. "The Cage"
  20. "The Price"
  21. "Avalon" Part One
  22. "Avalon" Part Two
  23. "Avalon" Part Three
  24. "Shadows of the Past"
  25. "Heritage"
  26. "Kingdom"
  27. "Monsters"
  28. "Golem"
  29. "Sanctuary"
  30. "M.I.A."
  31. "Grief"
  32. "The Hound of Ulster"
  33. "Walkabout"
  34. "Mark of the Panther"
  35. "Pendragon"
  36. "Eye of the Storm"
  37. "The New Olympians"
  38. "The Green"
  39. "Sentinel"
  40. "Bushido"
  41. "Cloud Fathers"
  42. "Ill Met By Moonlight"
  43. "Future Tense"
  44. "The Gathering" Part One
  45. "The Gathering" Part Two
  46. "Vendettas"
  47. "Turf"
  48. "The Reckoning"
  49. "Possession"
  50. "Hunter's Moon" Part One
  51. "Hunter's Moon" Part Two
  52. "Hunter's Moon" Part Three

SLG issues

Ten years after the show was originally cancelled, the storyline was picked up in a comic book series, written by Greg Weisman and published by Slave Labor Graphics. Greg Weisman has told fans to think of the SLG run as season three.

Gargoyles - Clan Building

  1. "Nightwatch"
  2. "The Journey"
  3. "Invitation Only"
  4. "Masque"
  5. "Bash"
  6. "Reunion"
  7. "The Rock"
  8. "Rock & Roll"
  9. "Rock of Ages"
  10. "The Gate"
  11. "Tyrants"
  12. "Phoenix"

Gargoyles: Bad Guys - Redemption

Gargoyles: Bad Guys is a spin-off series, charting the adventures of Hunter, Dingo, Matrix, Yama and Fang as they seek both freedom and redemption. Issue One hit the shelves on November 29th, 2007. Written by Greg Weisman and pencilled by Karine Charlebois.

  1. "Strangers"
  2. "The Lost"
  3. "Estranged"
  4. "Louse"
  5. "Strangled"
  6. "Losers"

Dynamite Entertainment issues

Thirteen years after SLG lost the license to continue producing Gargoyles comics, Dynamite Entertainment continued the story. The storyline picked up eight months after "Hunter's Moon" Part Three and four months after "Phoenix". [1] Greg Weisman has told fans to think of this run as season four.

Gargoyles - Here In Manhattan

  1. "A Little Crazy"
  2. "Idyll or Nightmare"
  3. "Miracle Child"
  4. "Tale Old as Time"
  5. "Render Unto Caesar"
  6. "Underwater"
  7. "Everywhere"
  8. "Mayday"
  9. "Your Witness"
  10. Here In Manhattan Chapter Ten
  11. Here In Manhattan Chapter Eleven
  12. Here In Manhattan Chapter Twelve

Gargoyles: Dark Ages - Alliance

  1. "The Reach"
  2. "The Draw"
  3. Alliance Chapter Three
  4. Alliance Chapter Four
  5. Alliance Chapter Five

Gargoyles: Specials

  1. Gargoyles: Halloween Special #1


"Once Upon A Time There Were Three Brothers..."

This was a piece of fiction written by Greg Weisman as something of a lead-in to the Dark Ages spin-off. It is not canon, though many elements of it have found their way into the canon over time.

"City of Stone" Short Story

A bit of prose fiction written by Greg Weisman to further demonstrate how the general public likely reacted on the first night and day following Demona's Stone By Night Spell. It is not canon, though various elements in the story are canon-in-training.

"The Last"

A Gargoyles cross-over episode was planned for the series Team Atlantis, written by Greg Weisman and featuring several of the series' original voice cast. With the cancellation of Team Atlantis, it never fully materialised. Large parts of it are not canon, as certain details contradict elements of one or the other Universe. However, parts of it have and will continue to end up in future canon. For instance, Fiona Canmore first appeared in "The Last", but did not become canon until "Losers".


This was a piece of fiction written by Greg Weisman, in which Goliath began telling Elisa about one of his rookery sisters. The story is non-canon, but elements of it might some day end up canonical.

Gargoyles Meets The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Young Justice

A series of non-canonical Radio Plays written by Greg Weisman for various fan conventions that star various members of each show's cast as well as fans. Again, although they were written by Greg Weisman, the Radio Plays are intended to be just "a bit of fun" and are therefore non-canonical (though elements of it might end up in future Gargoyles canon). [2][3][4]

"Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns"

This crossover between The Spectacular Spider-Man and Gargoyles was produced as a Radio Play for the thirteenth and final Gathering of the Gargoyles in Los Angeles, California.


This crossover between The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice and Gargoyles was produced as a Radio Play for CONVergence, 2014 in Bloomington, Minnesota.

"The Cosmos"

This crossover between The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice and Gargoyles was produced as a Radio Play for CONVergence, 2016 in Bloomington, Minnesota.

"Musicology 101: Songs of the Theme"

This crossover between The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice and Gargoyles was produced as a Radio Play for CONVergence, 2018 in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Apocrypha stories

The following stories are not a part of Gargoyles canon. In many cases they were produced with little input from the production staff behind the original series.

The Goliath Chronicles episodes

Immediately following the original cancellation of the series Gargoyles on Disney, it was picked up for a continuation on ABC and rebranded as The Goliath Chronicles. Much of the production staff was changed, although Greg Weisman did pen the first episode (which was later adapted into the first two issues of the SLG comic). The episodes were marked by a weaker continuity, poorly developed characters (both for new additions and old cast members), and an over-emphasis on providing the series with closure. Thirteen episodes were aired, from 1996 to 1997.

  1. "The Journey"
  2. "Ransom"
  3. "Runaways"
  4. "Broadway Goes to Hollywood"
  5. "A Bronx Tail"
  6. "The Dying of the Light"
  7. "And Justice For All"
  8. "Genesis Undone"
  9. "Generations"
  10. "...For It May Come True"
  11. "To Serve Mankind"
  12. "Seeing Isn't Believing"
  13. "Angels in the Night"

Marvel Comic issues

A Gargoyles comic book was published by Marvel Comics during the original run of the series. Eleven issues were produced.

  1. "Fiends In High Places"
  2. "Always Darkest Before Dawn"
  3. "Rude Awakening"
  4. "Blood From A Stone"
  5. "Venus In Stone"
  6. "Venus Rising"
  7. "The Pack Attacks"
  8. "Terror In Times Square"
  9. "The Egg And I"
  10. "Out of the Past"
  11. "Into the Future"

Disney Adventures stories

A number of short comics featuring the cast of Gargoyles were published in Disney's digest-sized magazine, Disney Adventures.

  1. "A Study in Stone"
  2. "Stone Cold"
  3. "Take the A Train"
  4. "Cyber Hunt"
  5. "All Hallows' Eve"
  6. "Lost in the Fun House"
  7. "All in a Night's Work"
  8. "The Experts"
  9. "Lines of Allegiance"

TV Guide story

The Halloween 1996 issue contained a three page story titled "Be Afraid of the Dark".